Bad news. Smash bros 4 will cut some characters that were in brawl.

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  3. Bad news. Smash bros 4 will cut some characters that were in brawl.

User Info: IzunaDrop1990

4 years ago#151
As long as the game is quality and the major franchises are represented it doesn't bother me how many characters there are

User Info: Nitroshock6

4 years ago#152
Characters that I would like to be cut
Ike- not newest FE lord, likely to replaced by Chrom
Ganondorf- bad clone of C. Falcon, likely replaced with Ghirahim
T. Link- Do we really need a link clone, Link needs his own spotlight
I. Climbers- their game is outdated, needs to be replaced with a different nes classic
ROB- Did not really appear in a game (DS does not count.), Its time to move on
DDD- It's so we could see another new kirby character be playable without taking too much space
Wolf - We don't need a 2nd clone of fox, and FALCO IS MY MAIN
PKMN trainer- personally I hate double switching back to ivysaur, 5 1st gen representatives and will save some roster slots.
Lucario- So we are more likely to get a new gen representative.
Lucas- We probably won't be seeing Lucas in a new game or remake, region locked game.
Snake- WHY NO MGSV and MGR/ Save slot for 1/2 more 3rd party.

User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

4 years ago#153
jigglypuff isnt going anywhere its one of the original 12 also who doesnt love sleep killing people lol.
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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#154
You're delusional if you think Olimar would be cut, a character who's the protagonist of a relevant series that is actually having a game released, unlike Star Fox and F-Zero.

User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#155
I gotta be honest the more i read about this game, the worst it sounds...
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User Info: diving_devil46

4 years ago#156
I'd prefer a more focused roster personally.

Drop the clones and let's go back to basics, each fighter should play/feel unique, if they don't, then cut them.

A clone character is not more content.

I personally liked Melee's line-up the best. I never got into Brawl too heavily for many reasons it isn't worth going into, I hope they go back to Melee's mechanics at least to some degree.

User Info: _Perfectionist

4 years ago#157
I LOVED Mr. Game and Watch, and Jigglypuff was also good.
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  3. Bad news. Smash bros 4 will cut some characters that were in brawl.

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