Why won't they make a zelda hd collection

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User Info: Freakzilla5

4 years ago#1
for oot and mm. instead or as well as 3d?


User Info: Heracylost

4 years ago#2
Not smart enough. A "real" remake of Ocarina of time would sell. Even in episodes. One set you get NES/SNES. Then 64/Cube. Then GBC/Advance in 2 sets maybe. That's too simple tho.

User Info: NCPwn

4 years ago#3
WW was a game they used because they wanted to test the new hardware. They wanted to create shaders and test the limits of the system.
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#4
Why don't they put multiple Zelda games on one disc in HD? That's easy, they make more money selling them separately.
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