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User Info: blingus

4 years ago#31
Look, I love Nintendo games but I am also aware of economics and sociology.

Iwata is such a egomaniac that only AFTER MS decided that the X1 is gen 8 and reversed some contradictory features did he "hint" that the U is in trouble: "There are huge numbers of fans of Nintendo software, but at the same time, those types of players still sometimes want to play something else on our platform. Because of that, we always need third parties to support us, in order to make our platform complete."-Iwata

I fit into the the above in that I am a fan of Nintendo franchises but this guy saying "those types of players still sometimes want to play something else on our platform" makes him sound literally sad.

If you read the article
and realize that so many more people own a single console than the majority of us on here, it all fits together.

NINTENDO MADE A MISTAKE WITH AN EXPENSIVE CONTROLLER. Had they focused on the consoles hardware and just packed in Pro controller, I believe that third party support and sales would be there.

If you don't realize that, I'm sorry but you are in for a big shocker. This could be Nintendo's Dreamcast but worse. And trust me, I'm not happy.
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User Info: steerepike

4 years ago#32
No insult intended, but let me turn that around on you. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that there are people who genuinely like the direction that Nintendo is moving in?

Do I think that Nintendo is perfect? Nope, nobody is. Here's my list of complaints: I really don't see why we have to crawl with the VC all over again. I think that Wii U actually is a bad name and that Nintendo did a poor job of marketing it. I wish Nintendo would consolidate their eShops and switch to an account system. (apparently, they are working on it. I actually don't mind, but I certainly see why others would.) I think they need to evaluate how they do online. There really isn't much out right now for me to say that it's good or bad, but that makes me lean towards the latter. Oddly enough, Super Mario 3D World is not a game that I want to see multiplayer for. I think multiplayer only serves to detract from the game, and that's okay when there are other people in the room, but when it's going online that changes the nature of that gameplay. If Nintendo put that in, reviewers would lambast it, and deduct all kinds of score.(I put next to no stock in what a reviewer says, but many people do.)

I like the gamepad. Off-TV play sold me instantly. It could, literally, serve no other function, and I would be happy with it. I like the use of colors. I like that many Nintendo games are instantly recognizable as games. I like the focus on fun before anything else. I like that Nintendo isn't making a power push to be just like the other two systems. I actually think that it being something altogether different is a reason to have it. Besides, (generally) the more realistic something looks, the less it interests me. There are exceptions, but that's my gaming "break." Also, after Cliffy B opened his mouth and inserted foot, people(media outlets) have started to recognize what I have said for over a decade, now. Games are too expensive, and developers are spending too much effort and time on things that are irrelevant to game play.

At any rate, sorry for the wall. I just wanted to make my counter-point.
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User Info: UponADarkThorne

4 years ago#33
1.) All of the big three have their share of fans that believe they can do no wrong. Sony and Microsoft both have them and in equal numbers.

2.) Much criticism is made less on any factual basis and more based on opinion. Just because Super Mario 3D World or Donkey Kong weren't the games you wanted doesn't mean Nintendo is lazy or uninspired or that people who are excited about them are just drones. In my case, I'm psyched about 3D World because I felt that 3D Land was the best 3D Mario game so another game in the style is pretty exciting to me - but just because it isn't to you doesn't mean it was a bad idea to make it. Ditto for their lack of "new IPs" when pretty much everyone is an old IP in a new paint job - and there's nothing wrong with that or what Nintendo does.

3.) Other "criticism" comes off as thinly veiled troll attempts, from posters who can't say anything nice about Nintendo. Yes, a lot of it is based on fact, but do we really need three topics about this weeks disappointing sales or how some game won't come to the Wii U? Then there's the constant parroting that Nintendo fans don't like third party games, despite the fact most polls seem to suggest that the majority of people here plan to get a PS4 and others have stated they had a gaming PC. Still, you have people posting **** to get a reaction.

5.) Let's go back to the whole "no one can say anything nice about Nintendo" bit. It gets very tiring to Nintendo fans. I hate Microsoft but can admit that Project Spark looks very interesting and innovative. Likewise, I've been disappointed with Sony since the PS3, but I can't deny that the PS4 is a great value and that PS+ wasn't a great idea at least in concept. To see post after post where no one who dislikes Nintendo can say a good thing about them is disappointing.

User Info: trenken

4 years ago#34
McDude_ posted...
Why is it so hard to get Nintendo fans to look at the company critically?

There's a lot of peeps who consider themselves fans and have proven it by supporting them continually, but just do not like the direction they've been going.

Would it be so terrible to come to terms with their mistakes without completely hating on them?

Im a big Nintendo fan and I think they are horrible now. By far the worst theyve ever been at making games. Not even a question about that for me. So I have no problems being critical of them. Doesnt matter how much I loved them, if they suck now then they just suck and thats impossible for me to ignore.
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User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#35
LonelyGoomba posted...
A lot of them just sound like mindless drones and hypocrites.
Nintendo don't do dlc- "dlc is terrible!!!"
Nintendo do dlc - "but it's ok if Nintendo does it"

people who are saying game and Wario and pikmin 3 are gonna turn the tides of the WiiU. You can't truly believe that, it's ridiculous.

About Pikmin/Wario:
I have literally never seen anyone claiming Game & Wario would be huge system seller that would "turn the tides". Some people look forward to playing it, some don't, that's it.
Pikmin 3 is a big deal for some people, but i also rarely see anyone claiming it will do much for Wii U hardware sales.

People say Mario 3D World and the Zelda remake will move some units, i think that's reasonable. People say MK8 will be a big system seller, i think that's very likely.

About DLC:
I think it's unfair to complain about hypocrisy here when there are really very different kinds of DLC.
There has always been a large number of people that made a difference between rip-off DLC like what Capcom does all the time and proper expansions that really deliver additional contend for a fair price.

Having to pay to unlock stuff already in the game in Mega Man 9&10 was just as bad on the Wii as it was on the PS360.
Having to pay 3$ for stat modifications of weapons in Resident Evil Revelations is just as bad on the Wii U as on PS30.
Getting free DLC for Tekken TT2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 RE is just as nice on the Wii U as on the PS360.

The thing is rarely "Nintendo DLC is good because Nintendo does it".
The thing is that so far, Nintendo's first party DLC was mostly good because it was good.
I don't think the people who like NSLU have said bad things about similar proper expansions (like what GTA4 got with Gay Tony) on other systems in the past.
They might have complained about DLC in general, because in general it often gets abused like Capcom did with MvC/MM9&10/Asuka's Wrath/RER. That does not mean they can't be fair towards the individual cases.

Those marvelous fanboys that think N64 cardridges were clever, proper expansion DLC is bad when 2k does it but good when Nintendo does it, friend codes were convenient, Spelunker on VC is a system seller and the Virtual Boy was genius must be hiding well, i can't see them.
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User Info: PsychoPiano999

4 years ago#36
Anybody who overgeneralyzes a certain group of people in this age doesn't deserve any attention IMO.

I thought we were past the practice of thinking everybody that belongs in a certain group is the same. Come on, humanity.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

4 years ago#37
if you want to see Nintendrones at full force, go on the Mario 3Dland no online topic.
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

4 years ago#38
Okay, I think it's my turn to add a few things as well. Firstly, I do respect Sony, their studios have developed wonderful games over the years and actually proved that some IPs really have some staying power. Funny thing is, those IPs with staying power have proven to be their best franchise games. It is the ones that were created this generation that bother the **** out of me, because for some odd reason they're heralded as some of the best, when in reality some of them are over-rated. Willing to bet in a few years some will just die off completely.

Secondly, it is beyond annoying to see people say "Nintendo sucks" and criticize them without saying a positive word at all. It bothers me to no end when people call the Wii U "Weak" and proceed to talk "Nintendoomed" and "Nintendo will likely go third party for Sony or Microsoft." and what have you. I'm amazed some of these doomsayers haven't been banned yet, if I were an admin, that'd be amongst the first thing I'd be doing, IP banning these sons of *****es. Utterly ridiculous the attitude some of these morons have, and it really irks me that a majority of them are, in fact, Sony loyalists.

Thirdly, yes, I can acknowledge Nintendo's flaws. The fact that games DID get translated into English, and either had to be fought for (Operation Rainfall trio) or didn't get released in Europe (Kirby's Dream Collection) or North America (thus far the Fatal Frame 2 remake, Disaster, Another Code R, etc.) they need to restructure, and I am glad they are taking the necessary steps to do so with Iwata taking charge of NoA, I feel this is just the start of them eventually cleaning house. The previous CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima, seemed to really suck ass. I feel he was the reason why the Operation Rainfall trio almost didn't make it to North America at all.

Also, I do feel they should've been working on implementing a better on-line network during the days of the Wii. Nintendo Wi-Fi was pretty frigging bad, I won't defend or excuse it, it was just bad. As for third parties? No I do not entirely blame Nintendo whatsoever, some of it falls on the third parties for being salty.

They did, however, release some of their best games during the era of the Wii, and I believe we'll see that trend continue on the Wii U. I also believe once Pikmin 3 hits, it will make a significant difference in sales and that game is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Took them a long time to get there, yes, but they're getting there.
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