Nintendo Wii U's innovative tablet controller is not so unique anymore.

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User Info: Waggy17

4 years ago#101
king_madden posted...
Waggy17 posted...
king_madden posted...
Waggy17 posted...
king_madden posted...

i will say this though, the share button and mouse pad arent really forced on you, since you dont HAVE to use them.

GamePad then technically isn't "forced," as I can start up my Wii U and play games without touching my GamePad once.

its forced in the sense that you HAVE to use it unless you go and buy extra accessories. thats what i mean by forced in a video game sense, you arent "technically" forced any of it because everything is optional. thats like someone saying "with ps4 i dont have to use a ds4, i can wait until a 3rd party controller come out". they are right, but thats what the company is pushing(force) you to use.

You can spin it that way... or, you could point out that the DS3 can't be used on the PS4, but the Wii Remotes and pretty much every accessory from the Wii can be used for the Wii U as well, so many Wii U owners don't have to spring for extra accessories if they don't want to be stuck with the GamePad. However, if you want more than one controller for the PS4, you HAVE to go buy extra controllers. Also, if you want the Sony and/or Microsoft's second screen options, you HAVE to make another purchase.

most people already have a cell phone or tablet though, so you dont HAVE to go buy something for a second screen.

gamepad is still what wiiU is focused on and was suppose to be the big draw for it. I think even nintendo would admit if people preferred not to even use the thing, that can signal a failure on their part.

Just as most people will have a cell phone, most Wii U buyers will probably already have accessories. However, good luck finding a mobile phone that works as well as the GamePad, or even Vita, as a controller (and be prepared to fork over funds for the Vita).

The GamePad is surely the major draw of the Wii U, but in practical application the GamePad is in no way forced. This would mean there are no other options, and this is not the case typically for any of the systems. It's also disingenuous and misleading to say so.

It's also not an avoidance of the GamePad, it's that Nintendo pretty much allows you to use the control style you like except in very limited instances such as the eShop.
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#102
ahh i got what you're saying. i will say until we see how well the streaming or whatever they use will work on the vita, we cant say one is worse or better than the next.

its forced because this is what nintendo wants, they want you and everyone else to be playing their gamepad over anything else. just like im sure nintendo tells devs that they need to implement some kind of special feature with the gamepad.

the tablets and phones, are purely there for assistance and convenience, which they will do better than the gamepad.

"forcing" something in video game talk is never about not having any other option, look at everything someone says is forced as far as gaming goes, and just about all of it is optional. they usually just mean forced in a sense that this is what that company wants you to use, and this what they push for.
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