Top 3 games from E3 are you most anticipating (ANY PLATFORM) and why

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  3. Top 3 games from E3 are you most anticipating (ANY PLATFORM) and why

User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#21
1. Payday 2 - The first was one of the best cooperative games I've played in a long while. The second is adding stealth and more RPG elements. The cash in game now doesn't function as a linear progression of experience (it works going from level to level) but now is used to purchase certain skills and equipment (so more skill tree like). Also the fact it's adding around 35 heists and only costs half of what most games retail for at launch ($30 or you pay $50 for the special edition which is a "steal") by a developer that actually communicates and works with their community.

2. Dragons Crown - I got the D&D games (due to playing them all the time in the arcade as well as doing TT up until 3rd) and I've always enjoyed Vanillaware's games. It looks to fill an itch that I can never get enough scratching done.

3. South Park - Traditional style RPG with the writing from Parker and Stone and being developed by Obsidian? Yes please. I'd be surprised if I didn't enjoy the over the top satirical humor that is only juvenile and insulting to people easily offended and lacking depth when understanding issues. South Park episodes have always impressed me more than let me down and Obsidian has the talent to make this more than just a RPG copy and paste clone of another "old school" style game.
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User Info: plasticman13

4 years ago#22

Nintendo had nothing good to show.
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User Info: TalesRevenant

4 years ago#23
1) Kingdom Hearts lll - I'm one of the people who ignored every spin-off game that came out. Didn't bother with any of them. I only have 1 & 2 and I tried Chain of Memories, and hated it. I have it for PS2. I have Dream Drop Distance and that one's actually pretty good. Anyway, Since I haven't played a real KH game since 2, this was huge news to me and I'm so excited. Sony won E3. This was one of the many reasons.

2) Final Fantasy XV - I can't say much about this considering it is pretty much Versus re-branded. However, the game looked very KH, and I'm totally okay with that. Better than FFXlll anything. It's still sad to see FF I used to love (lV-X) now just be a remnant of its former self. This is a drastic change in battle system. It's totally an Action RPG but I'll hold my judgments until I play it. So far from what I saw, it looks amazing.

3) Metal Gear Solid V - I'm a huge MGS fan and I really absolutely love the idea of an open world MGS. It looks insane, plays insane, and it's interesting to finally see the earlier back story of MG. Consider me stoked. To Microsoft's credit; that was one hell of a way to start off a conference. No talking, just play new MGSV trailer. Even though they've done everything wrong, that one point in their conference was genius.
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User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#24
Monolith Soft's X (working title)

Super Smash Bros. 4

Mario Kart 8
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#25
Oh, so you are counting ones we already knew about but just got mentioned at E3? In that case:

1. Pokemon X&Y: Because I'm a Pokemon fanboy obviously, I can't get enough of it. Pokemon-Amie was announced at E3, which I love the idea of. I've been waiting for something like this since Hey You Pikachu.
2. Smash Bros: Basically the same as above, I love the series. All three of the new characters seem great to me.
3. X: I love Monolith Soft, and Xenoblade is my favorite home console game. I have high hopes for this.

User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#26
Going to sound like a fanboy, but I couldn't care less.

Everything from Nintendo looks amazing this year from E3. Pretty much nothing anywhere else has any interest to me. To be fair, I didn't watch the Xbox or PS panels much because neither console interests me.

The fact that everything from Nintendo looks amazing is unusual. Usually they'll have a couple games I go "meh, maybe I'll get it after it releases" over, but nothing was that way this year. Every game looks like amazing day one purchases for me, no exceptions, not even Wind Waker. I can not wait.

I did see Destiny but I don't care about FPS. Even from Bungie. No thanks.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was probably the biggest disappointment, because they are making the sequel -- which I loved -- a f****** cellphone game with a 'freemium' model which will probably be downright awful regardless of platform. RIP Popcap. Another company ruined by f****** EA.

I've never owned a PS system with the exception of a PS2 for a specific game, which I got a couple more for. A decent system, no doubt, but I never got interested enough to buy another, especially given how expensive the PS3 was.
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User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#27
Sorry, my top 3 are:

1. Super Mario 3D World: Super Mario 3D Land was a dream come true for me when it came out, but I never imagined they would release one like this. I am in awe. If I can find people to play with me, this will be the best gaming experience I've ever had in my life.

2. Super Smash Bros (for Wii and 3DS): Hopefully obvious.

3. DKCR: Tropical Freeze: I loved DKCR, though I bought it late not knowing what to expect. I did have some issues with the original game, but they are few and far between, often nitpicky things. This sequel literally solves all of them, and enhances the game even further. I am in awe. I want this game so bad.

4. Mario Kart 8: I loved Wii and 7. They are taking the best from both, adding new features, and making the game even more exciting. Day one purchase.

5. Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds: Looking amazing.

6: Pikmin 3: While sixth place here, I am still extremely stoked about this game. And I've been waiting a freaking long time. I am excited. Just another month and a half.

I'll stop here, you just asked for 3 after all. All of the other Nintendo games have me excited as well.
I am Lord Bowser, King of the Koopas! Bwahaha..
Playing Bowser on Mario Kart, and Noxus on Metroid Prime. I am not a cookie cutter!

User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#28
STARWARS BATTLEFRONT- I've been waiting for another Battlefront game for an entire gen. Now, DICE is making it...My dream has come true.

Titanfall-The game sold the X1 for me. Now that MS dropped the DRM policies, I will happily buy the X1 for Titanfall

Battlefield 4-64 players, 60FPS, and 1080p...I'm sorry CoD, I'm converted fully not to just Battlefield.

User Info: _Falstaff

4 years ago#29
1. Pikmin 3. I've been waiting for this game for years. The RTS genre is severely underrepresented on consoles, but both the Wii and Wii U have presented developers with potential to make a competent game. It would probably never be as competitive as RTS on PC's, but it could be made just as fun. The gamepad presents unique opportunities not available with normal controllers.

2. Mirror's Edge 2. Also been waiting for this game for a while. I love the first one. It satisfied my deep need for platformers, what with it's skillful jumps and slides and multiple pathways as well as two equally valid means of dealing with enemies. The newest trailer is visually stunning as well. My biggest issue is that EA is publishing it and in my books, EA has fallen from my favor in recent years. If I can find it used, I'll get it, but I would have preferred to play it on PC.

3. Super Smash Bros. U. This is the ultimate party game and I've loved every one of them. Not much to say about it.
9 days to go, and I'm out of here.
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