Is it me, or does the wiiu have better graphics than the ps4?

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  3. Is it me, or does the wiiu have better graphics than the ps4?

User Info: Pokerkid777

4 years ago#1
Seems like no matter how many times I look over the ps4 game trailers, the Wiiu's trailers seem to top it. It's like the ps4 is unable to have a color pallet past gray and brown Anyone else see this?
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User Info: Nowujalo

4 years ago#2
I own the 3DS, Vita, PS3, and Wii U!
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User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 years ago#3
Its you.

I thought Nintendo showed a good amount of beautiful games, but to call it stronger then its competitors isn't very realistic.

The other next gen consoles could stand to use a little more colour though.
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User Info: kaliskonig

4 years ago#4
It's just you friend.

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#5
Nowujalo posted...

TC's been hitting the SKOOMA. And crack.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#6
Well, it has more appealing graphics, IMO. It's kinda hard to beat the Nintendo charm and art styles.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#7
Well, Wii U games LOOK better sure, but

No. It's just you.
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User Info: monkeyluv101

4 years ago#8
The Wi U had some impressive looking games for sure (especially MK8), but compared to ps4, god no. That's like saying Crysis 3 on ps3 looked comparable to a PC running SLI Titans, lol, no....

User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#9
Just you tc.
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User Info: SharkbiteR6

4 years ago#10
Definitely just you. I like the Wii U just fine, and am looking forward to the upcoming games on it, but I'm not about to try and convince myself that its on par with the PS4.
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  3. Is it me, or does the wiiu have better graphics than the ps4?

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