Name the Top 5 Gamecube games you would buy if released on Wii U Virtual Console

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User Info: AnotherSomebody

4 years ago#1
Obviously, Nintendo still hasn't said a peep about if/when we might hope for such a feature to arrive on the WiiU, but if it were to happen, which five games would you be most excited to see made available again?

For Me:

-Super Mario Sunshine
-Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes
-Baten Kaitos
-Tales of Symphonia
-Super Smash Bros. Melee

The only reason I didn't list Metroid Prime 1/2 and Resident Evil REmake/Zero/4 is that I have those on Wii which play in WiiU.

User Info: demesjos2

4 years ago#2
tales of symphonia
skies of arcadia legends
pikmin 1
pikmin 2
resident evil remake
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User Info: druskie

4 years ago#3
Twilight Princess
Thousand Year Door
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Killer 7
Pokemon: Colleseum (and DX)
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User Info: GodofLaziness

4 years ago#4
Games I want:
F-Zero GX
Paper Mario Thousand Years Door
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
Luigi Mansion
Beyond Good and Evil
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User Info: Vernnon

4 years ago#5
1. Gotcha Force (add online multiplayer)
2.Hunter Of the reckoning ( add online multiplayer)
3.Custom Robo (add online multiplayer)
4.Mystic Heroes
5.F-Zero GX

User Info: AnotherSomebody

4 years ago#6
So many good suggestions! I'd probably buy all of these... Hopefully if they do bring 'em out they're reasonably priced.

User Info: Kayube

4 years ago#7
SSBM- I have this on GameCube but my save file keeps getting corrupted; it'd be nice to have a new release where that wouldn't happen.
Viewtiful Joe- I played it before but got stuck and then traded it in. I might like to have a second chance at it.
MGS: Twin Snakes- never played it and want to.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door- had it, but the disc went missing (I think it got stolen).
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance- another case of never played it but want to.
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User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#8
Mario Sunshine (Would love a HD remake similar to WWHD)
Paper Mario TTYD
MGS Twin Snakes
Phantasy star online 1&2
Mario Power Tennis

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles but with online multiplayer
007 Nightfire also online multi
Viewtiful Joe 1&2
007 Everything or Nothing
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Beyond Good and Evil
Killer 7
Baten Kaitos
Sonic adventure 2 battle
Chibi Robo
Pokemon Colosseum/xd
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User Info: Arcturus1121

4 years ago#9
Every game I came in to post has already been posted...

1. Skies of Arcadia Legends
2. Baten Kaitos
3. Tales of Symphonia
4. Luigi's Mansion
5. Super Smash Bros. Melee

These plus many other games I would buy instantly
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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#10
1. Starfox Assault
2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
3. Kirby Air Ride
4. Metroid Prime 1
5. Metroid Prime 2
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