Sony likes Nintendo, but their fans hate nintendo.

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User Info: URAlsr

4 years ago#71
GoombaX posted...
THE_PS1_PATRIOT posted...
sonic777 posted...
Nintendo fans: We hate being generalized!!!!!

Nintendo fans: Now let me tell you something about ALL Sony fans!!!!

LMAO!!! That's my issue with Nintendo fans!!! They can be so full of it at times.

Try talking to a Nintendo fan about other games that aren't on a Nintendo console or another companies first party offerings. Like talking to a brick wall sometimes.

Not from Nintendo = Crap.

Lol The Same Can Be Said About Sony fans, Even More so.

before you make a topic. you should learn the difference between a fan & a fanboy you dope.

User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#72
PaperDolphin posted...
I like Sony and Nintendo. I don't like Microsoft, but the only company I can really say I hate is Apple.

I'm pretty much this, even though I don't hate apple

I like Nintendo the most, but I play PS and don't care, they have good games also.

I don't like MS consoles, but I can't live without Windows.
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?

User Info: Traptin3days

4 years ago#73
Reading this topic is so surrealistic. I was here before ps4 was announced and it was an awful environment. Whenever someone made a useful thread about WiiU, they got a ****storm of trolls.

This article is fun. I posted it in December here I think
I took the low road in
I'll take the high road out!
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  3. Sony likes Nintendo, but their fans hate nintendo.

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