Doing a second transfer... (Mii Channel)

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User Info: Mario maniac

Mario maniac
4 years ago#1
My brother downloaded some games from the Shop Channel onto my Wii after I transferred everything I could to my Wii U. He also made some Mii characters as there were none left on the console after.

I read somewhere that performing a second transfer will overwrite any save game data and Miis I've made before. Anyone know a way to get around this?

I've saved my Miis to my 3DS at least but I'd prefer to keep them on the Wii U.
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User Info: Thunderbird8

4 years ago#2
The game save issue will only occur for games which have save data on both systems (in which case the data from the Wii will overwrite). Save data for games that are only on the Wii U should be unaffected. I don't think it will overwrite Miis, but I'm unsure on that.
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