Why is the Wii U selling so bad? >=/

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User Info: Lord_Kawaii

4 years ago#1
This upsets me. Nintendo needs to be #1 again this gen (like every generation except the GameCube)
Kawaii ^_^

User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#2
Lack of games. But that's going to be changing over the next few months.
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User Info: shadestreet

4 years ago#3
And the N64

User Info: LaLiLuLeLoSnake

4 years ago#4
don't forget n64

User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#5
imo because none of wii u games are setting it apart as next gen.. all og its games look pretty do-able on ps3/360..
this is likely because of wii u weak hardware specs

if you look at sales.. globally. more than 12 times more people buying new ps3+360 than wii u.. they just dont want to upgrade to wii u because..well.. its not really an upgrade.
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User Info: thundercat2600

4 years ago#6
- nothing "next-gen" about it
- most of the interesting "launch window" games got delayed, cancelled, and/or lost exclusivity
- stupid, confusing name and marketing
- very expensive for a Nintendo console

It's difficult to find even one thing Nintendo did right with the Wii U launch. In the future, Wii U will be used as a case study in how not to launch a console.
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User Info: ARushAndAPush

4 years ago#7
Lack of games.

The sole reason to buy a Nintendo console is Nintendo's games.
So far, they've released 3. 2 Mini game collections and a 2D Mario.

Similarly, very few people bought a 3DS when the only Nintendo games were Steel Diver and Nintendogs.

User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#8
The system doesn't have that "wow" factor. Its not doing anything new aside from the tablet. Which is basically a big DS.

I like my wiiu but I totally see/understand why its not selling

No killer app games. Yet.
No real online service aside from a few games.
Nothing that's "better" than current gen so it feasible that it won't be able to compete w next gen.

Its a fun system. But its doing nothing special,new,next.

User Info: darkbuster

4 years ago#9
When you get right down to it, Nintendo's image has a lot to do with it; it hasn't exactly been the best past the SNES, but most of it is coming from the back draft of the Wii. Despite the N64 & Gamecube being respectable systems power wise, graphics HAVE unfortunately become a key selling point for games, & the Wii marked Nintendo as being underpowered & the association for all those minigame shovelware collections.

Another issue is the aesthetics of their flagships. Truth is, a lot of people are still ashamed to admit they play videogames, unless it's something dark & edgey. It's the same phenomenon that allowed comics such as Spawn to succeed in the 90's. Nintendo needs new IPs not for some shallow "fresh & new" BS people sheepishly repeat everywhere, but for something that doesn't have any established images. Even in gaming circles, it's still a surprise that Monolith's games are now under the Nintendo brand.
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User Info: Zato Infinite

Zato Infinite
4 years ago#10
what were the sales figures for May?
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