is it still posibble for the wii u to turn around?

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  3. is it still posibble for the wii u to turn around?

User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#11
Wii U is doing fine enough TC and obviously yes it can turn around it isn't even a year old. Geez some melodramatic people.

Consider it took the PS3 years to actually turn around.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

User Info: Genericgamer667

4 years ago#12
kingbadjo posted...
omfg these topic have been done to death and is talked about ALL OF THE INTERNET! TC did you just feel like making a topic for the sake of making a topic? Think of something else to ask. Get creative! Don't just speak for the sake of speaking. Did you just want to try making your first poll or something?? This is literally the MAIN subject on the wiiU...


this is all people WANT to talk about on this board
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It is a remake, not my fault you people think ports are remakes (but only on Nintendo systems)-Demondog666 on Kid Icarus Uprising

User Info: fernandaod10

4 years ago#13
Of course it is not too late, but Nintendo seems to be enjoying this. If Nintendo, could give us on of their series staples every year, I mean one year Metroid, then Mario, Zelda, Super Smash, Mario Kart, that would be great. Furthermore, if they could give us one of their minor franchises ever two years (PIkmin, Luigi, F-Zero, StarFox), and a New IP very two years also, they could dominate the world for god's sake. Yet, this seems highly unlikely, for two reasons: First, the financial resources require would be tremendous, second, Nintendo doesn't believe they need this to make money.
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  3. is it still posibble for the wii u to turn around?

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