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User Info: Maciver

4 years ago#31
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
WolfAlmighty posted...
3) I've never heard the word 'Failed' so many times in my life, and that includes playing Darkstone on the PC. The narrator even has multiple ways of saying it. "Failed.", "Failed!", and even the inquisitive "Failed??" as if the race was so easy he's surprised anyone could actually fail it. There's even one where he actually sounds like he's pitying you, like his 'Failed...' should be accompanied by an emoticon :( and an on-screen prompt asking you if you'd like a cookie and a box of juice. And when you lose an event he wastes no time whipping out the failed comment, either. It's almost like being watched at the finish line by some omnipotent, yet extremely juvenile and irritating, being and the very instant you cross without passing he gleefully informs you that you have, yet again, failed. I would recommend this game to any gamer who won't take it personally that they are being berated by a holier-than-thou narrator. I would not recommend it to any gamer who may be contemplating suicide due to low self-esteem issues.


LOLOL, I'd also add that the majority of the music is absolutely terrible!

User Info: ChibiJ

4 years ago#32
I will say the track design blew me away.

I'm really hoping MK8's tracks are just as good if not better.
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User Info: YAYSAY

4 years ago#33

User Info: indigna7ion

4 years ago#34
It is waaaaay better than Mario Kart.

User Info: muffinmasher

4 years ago#35
I thought Sonic Transformed was totally awesome.
The only hangup was the online.

Mario kart did the online wayyy better than Sonic.
The Sonic tracks looked and played incredibly though.
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User Info: Zerrin_Xendrake

4 years ago#36
This should be obvious for one simple reason: does Mario Kart have Wreck-It Ralph? No; case closed.
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User Info: Rishah0078

4 years ago#37
They're about equal in my book. For me, the fact that you can avoid items is great, but it makes it easier for the best player to win regularly in my experience. I prefer local games and my friends are... Not very good... So I personally play more Mario Kart because I think it's a little more friendly for inexperienced players. Both are very good though.

User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#38
I tried the demo, it was okay, I didn't like the controls and I never made good use of any of the items. I still prefer Mario Kart.

User Info: NinjaPirateDood

4 years ago#39
I misread it as "Sonic Transformed > Amy Mario Kart"

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User Info: Trigger99X

4 years ago#40
The_Shadow_Link posted...
Gotta admit, I much prefer actually flying than the Falling with Style mario kart gives us. Plus the Single Player tour mode (which can be played with up to 4 friends for 5 players at once) is infinitely superior to the "win all cups 4 times" approach. Plus the items? SO much better, I love how if your skilled you can avoid them. They slow you down still, but you can still dodge them if your good enough. On a design level, Racing Transformed is a much better game.

Just fix up the glitches and improve the load times. And I would say it flat out beats Mario in all fields.

this for me and my friends
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