Here's an idea, since Kingdom Hearts III can't be done on Wii U.....

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User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#41
TC shutdown first page. You've been educated TC now you need to please stop with your flood of ignorance. Not only have you been proven wrong you also have no idea what you're talking about in your posts.

This wasn't the first time you've been corrected.

Same with you corrupted quit being the reason humanity as a whole can't move on to be better and make advancements. Just because you feel some teenage angst over a petition based on no logic or reason.

Now I allow you a response corrupted you can...

A.) Just mirror back what I called you out on (seems to be your preferred tactic)

In which case I'll continue to have a hearty laugh at your mouth frothing ignorance.

B.) Ignore the statement but address with a passive aggressive remark because I wounded your tender ego by calling you out on your baseless feelings.

C.) Convey like an adult (I know that's hard for you!!!! But we're here to help you learn one baby step at a time) your personal childish issue in a reasonable and logical manner.

Lastly, no I have never played a KH game. Never wanted to. I'm also not a part of the petition nor am I mad. I just hate people and you corrupted exemplify through ignorance and an inflated sense of ego because your mom coddled you to death up until 2 months ago.

I'm also as mad as a honey badger grrrrrrrr.

If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

User Info: t41tGjr

4 years ago#42
XIIDarknessRiku posted...
CorruptedRPG posted...
XIIDarknessRiku posted...
Not sure how I'm whining by pointing that out. Try again.

No. How was I whining in the first place?

The KHIII port begging and petitions are getting way out of hand.

Yes, you're are whining. You're statement just now proves it. #dealwithit. There is something called "Ignore". Learn how to use it.

Fix'd to match with the vibe from this topic.
GT: t41tgjr
Owner of an ambassador Zelda Edition 3DS and will not be upgrading. >:(

User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#43
CorruptedRPG posted...
XIIDarknessRiku posted...
CorruptedRPG posted...
DEKMStephens posted...
CorruptedRPG posted...
Another one of these topics *rolls eyes*

First of all, BBSVol2 wasn't scrapped as Nomura said they have NO PLANS to make the sequel yet and you guys really need to get over KHIII not coming to Wii U.

Just #dealwithit and stop with those stupid petitions that appear in every related topic as well.

Because of this negativity, I have incorporated the petition into my sig


Your tears still won't make a difference and neither will a pointless petition.

I thought you guys bought Wii U's mainly for 1st party Nintendo games?

Whining about whining... Look at that.

Whining about me whining about the whining on this board.... how typical.

What a clever and insightful response

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#44
Soeroah posted...
The question isn't "can the Wii U run Kingdom Hearts 3", but "would SE get a return on the investment of making a Wii U version".

I'm not a programmer, so far as I know I could be wrong. But isn't there enough of a difference between 'Direct X 11 equivalent graphics' and 'Direct X 11' that Square would need to essentially rebuild a fair chunk of the game to get it running on the Wii U?

This, and yes they would need to put actual effort in to port it, which nobody seems to understand.
It's a question of whether the Wii U userbase (or expected userbase by the time the game comes out) is large enough for their effort to actually make a significant profit.
Console war in a nutshell:
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  3. Here's an idea, since Kingdom Hearts III can't be done on Wii U.....

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