Rate the three NES Mario games based on difficulty

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User Info: blundermine

4 years ago#21
TalentedM posted...
promo123 posted...

Bob-omb and Birdo were also introduced in Mario 2.

The game was actually pitched as a Mario game first and was made into something else after it was declined, probably because it was so different than the first. After it was a success in America they decided to use it in Japan as well. It really was a Mario game to begin with.

Except for the part where it wasn't and no matter how hard you want to quote DYKG it doesn't change the fact that it was first a different game and then sent over because the other true game was too hard.

Either way, it (lost levels) is in the NES era and is a Mario game therefore it fits. If anything Mario 2 is the easiest to me anyways. Pick Peach, win the game, get mad at the ending.

Ok, now try it with Mario and no warps.
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#22
- TC clearly suggests the question is about 1, 2, 3, and not Lost Levels in the OP
- People include Lost Levels anyway
- Someone points this out
- Kneejerk defensive mechanism results in harebrained excuse
- GameFAQs.


The order, easiest to hardest, is SMB3 - SMB2 - SMB1.

However, IMHO, SMB1 was about 3x harder when playing it with arcade controls.
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User Info: Gensokyo

4 years ago#23
SMB1 > Doki Doki Panic (The Mario version, obviously) > SMB3 > SMB2

Something like that. Although the only one I'm sure about is SMB2.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#25
I still find it hilarious that people try to discredit Super Mario 2 as a true Mario game, just because it may have been another game in another country.

hey people, wake up. it is called Super Mario Bros 2 here, Super Mario Bros USA in Japan, it is included in all Mario game collections, got a remake also released in Japan for GBA. it is still sold as a Mario game. Elements from that game appear in dozens and dozens other games. Shyguys and Birdo are now a staple in the Mario universe. Especially Shyguy who is the Koopa Troopa of the Yoshi games. Peach's hover ability was introduced in that game and is always present when she is playable in a jump'n'run game. And Bob Ombs are one of Mario's most known items/enemies.

Saying Super Mario Bros 2 is not a true Mario Game is extremely stupid. Especially since elements of other Mario games get the axe as well and never appear again. Bowser throwing Hammers? hammer Bros Suit? Half the enemies of Wario World? Turnip pulling? Anything other than Flagpoles? Fludd?

And saying "back then Super Mario Bros 2 never felt as a true Super Mario Bros game" is the most ridiculous thing anyway. What was there before Mario Bros 2? Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros (arcade), Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong Jr. None of those games played like each other. Killing enemies by jumping on them only worked in Super Mario Bros 1. Doing that in Wrecking Crew, Mario Bros (arcade) and Donkey Kong killed YOU. Especially since every Mario game released did play differently. Escept Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, as well as New Super Mario Bros 1 till 15.

So stop saying Super Mario Bros 2 is not a Mario game.

Nintendo of Japan acknowledges the game as a true Mario game.

User Info: atma6

4 years ago#26
I'd give it SMB3 - SMB1 - SMB2
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User Info: RunetheKoopa

4 years ago#27
2>3>1>Lost Levels
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#28
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User Info: Bodyisreggie

4 years ago#29
All of them were so easy that I only took me a year to beat each game :p

User Info: Mattatron42

4 years ago#30
TalentedM posted...
Mario 3>SMB>Lost Levels
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