Do you own the Metroid Prime Trilogy?

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User Info: spealfan444

4 years ago#1
Do you own the Metroid Prime Trilogy? - Results (235 votes)
Yes I do.
61.7% (145 votes)
No I don't.
22.13% (52 votes)
Looking for it......
16.17% (38 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious to see how many people own the game, as it's pretty rare. I got my copy at launch, incredible collection.
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User Info: slymshady

4 years ago#2
I got it but the games arnt that good. I have it to resell down the line

User Info: PhaseSlaethe

4 years ago#3
I always wanted it, but I had the individual games.

User Info: Aaron44126

4 years ago#4
Pre-ordered it back when it came out. Didn't expect it to turn out quite so rare. :-P

User Info: Kinthur

4 years ago#5
I have the Collector's Edition still in the shrink wrap. I already Prime 1 and 2 so when I saw it on the clearance rack at Target I picked it just for Prime 3.

But then I saw what the Trilogy Collector's Ed. was going for and I don't have the heart to tear open the shrink wrap.

User Info: cowmilk99

4 years ago#6
I managed to get mine for a deal of $30 when Gamecrazy was closing. Such a steal especially nowadays! :3
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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#7
Bought it when it came out for $19.99 online at Bestbuy. I honestly thought it was a misprint on their website, especially being in limited quantities, but I picked it up at a designated Bestbuy for that price. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project

User Info: Soanevalcke6

4 years ago#8
Got mine day 1. #1 compilation of all timewith the #1 game of all time.
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User Info: Linkums

4 years ago#9
I had all the games already so I didn't see the need to buy it. I would've if I knew it'd be so rare.
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User Info: liquidleonx3

4 years ago#10
Heck yes! Playing through Metroid Prime 2: Echoes right now. Opening that metal case never gets old. Its a sleek looking game case.

I still own the original Metroid Prime that came with my GameCube all those years ago and the original Metroid Prime 3.
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