Does anyone here even want kingdom hearts 3 on Wii U?

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  3. Does anyone here even want kingdom hearts 3 on Wii U?

User Info: Ranmaru-2

4 years ago#1
Do you want kingdom hearts 3 to be on Wii U? - Results (277 votes)
51.26% (142 votes)
15.52% (43 votes)
Don't care
33.21% (92 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I ask this because I read through my topic before it got deleted, and it seems like everyone hates current square-enix and their games. Personally I love the kingdom hearts series and would like very much for it to be on Wii U. As it would save me from buying another system. How do you guys feel about it?

User Info: Tuxity

4 years ago#2
The game is so overhyped now it can only be disappointing.
Just like Half Life 3.

User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#3
Im getting a ps4 so I dont really care either way.
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#4
I don't care. The first one was a good enough game with simple charm. The rest is a mess and I'm not just talking about the story.
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User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#5
Wii U should get its own exclusive KH spin off that would actually have the gamepad use in mind, unlike KH3 which is fine without the Upad.
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User Info: RaRitsujun

4 years ago#6
Not gonna happen, doriimazu.
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User Info: -NotoriousLynx

4 years ago#7
I don't care. All of you should get a PS4 in addition to your Wii U. It would save you a lot of troubles.

User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#8
The game looks really far out. Given Square's track record 2016 seems like a likely date.

User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#9
I don't very much care. There is nothing in my mind that is telling me that it will be worth the wait from what SE thinks their offerings have been in the past 10 years or so.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#10
The daily petitions didn't tip you off?

...and I don't care anyway, I'm buying a PS4 at some point anyway.
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