Some people will never understand why nintendo out sales MS and Sony

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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#21
"out sales"

...f****** hilarious.
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User Info: TheUnboundOne

4 years ago#22
Nintendo is "out sales" Sony and Microsoft how? Since January WiiU has been selling at +\- Vita levels.
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User Info: Sable_Knight

4 years ago#23
Boomerang78 posted...
NovaLevossida posted...
Boomerang78 posted...
NovaLevossida posted...
I wouldn't call the Wii U reasonably priced. It's roughly the same tech as the 360 and PS3 and is just below the new hardware of the PS4. And the Wii U doesn't even come with a hard drive. Being the least expensive of the three systems doesn't equate to being a reasonable price for what you're actually getting.

It has a Solid-State Drive and a tablet controller; it's reasonably priced.

It's 8-year old tech, a tablet, and an SD card. What they're asking isn't reasonable compared to the PS4, and neither is Microsoft's pricing reasonable for that matter.

Said 8-year old tech is still expensive and tablets are still expensive, not to mention SD cards aren't free, either. If companies are selling their product at a loss, it's reasonably priced.

Said 8 year old tech has already been confirmed (multiple times) to actually be current tech. Not the most powerful, but the modern architecture (and a GPU centric and VERY efficient chipset) is vastly superior to the 360 or PS3. people may be surprised to hear this, but very honestly, core for core, the Wii Us internals are both more power efficient, and more powerful than their counterparts in the PS4, or Xbox ONE. Obviously though those machines are more powerful, but that's only through a bigger chipset, so in fact the Wii Us silicon is more technically advanced than it's other next gen console counterparts can boast about. One caveat though is the Wii U is not x86 based, while the other 2 both are/will be.
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User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#24
where were you during the Gen 5-6? O_o
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