5 Rules for Working at Gamestop

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User Info: DannyM4nn1223

4 years ago#21
The gamestop i go to has very nice people there who are very informed and are able to help nearly every customer who goes in and needs help. They have never tried to talk me out of buying a game or buying something else and are very good at helping me find used games at OTHER gamestops which is not something they would do right
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User Info: KamariaK

4 years ago#22
zaakro posted...
This is true. There are people out there that will do below average work because they do not like their job or they think they are entitled to more.

Because we are, as Americans. 90% of us are getting paid peanuts to put up with more crap than it's worth.

I'm not saying you should intentionally do poorly at your job because you don't like it, but there's really no incentive to go above and beyond if your employer will pretty much never offer you a raise or advancement past your current position. Gamestop basically just turns these people into corporate drones pushing pre-orders and subscriptions to even just keep their positions for a measly 7.25 an hour.

User Info: Dorami

4 years ago#23
XRay2984 posted...
Last time I went there was to pick up a copy of SMT: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, and the counterperson had absolutely no idea what SMT was. I had to wait for a manager, who was able to find it in a box under the counter in about 20 seconds. Granted it's a niche series, but employees should at least be aware of games that have recently released, especially when I come in to buy it on the street date.

At that point, I'd be more concerned about the Gamestop hiring people who don't seem to know about using their inventory system rather than not knowing about games.
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#24
overkillwfo1978 posted...
Rule #6. Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and Steam (for PC) exist. People really still go to Gamestop? That's hilarious.

I will not order games through the mail. I live in an apartment complex with 15 other questionable tenants. I will not trust my valuable packages being left around for the taking.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#25
I do agree that game stores need to start hiring some competent employees. Well, at least in the US. While they most certainly exist there, no doubt there's a gigantic amount of people behind that counters that just aren't competent.

In my country there's competent people working in game stores though. I can't say I've ever encountered an employee that doesn't know stuff in a game store.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#26
There's literally at least 15 GameStops within a 20 mile radius of my house....and I haven't been to a single one in at least 6 years.
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User Info: CaioNV

4 years ago#27
overkillwfo1978 posted...
Rule #6. Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and Steam (for PC) exist. People really still go to Gamestop? That's hilarious.

This. 8001 times this.
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User Info: gohoanq

4 years ago#28
I've been going to the same gamestop since it opened.. so years and years now. lol I was even told I had the most money spent there out of any customer lol

ANYWAY, this one is great.. it's had a few... not so smart employees work there, but overall they're always very friendly and helpful. I've even gotten free stuff from them, points cards, bonus stuff people never picked up... They've spotted me a little money if I didn't have enough.. etc.

It's all about finding the right store. I was lucky, and it's not only this one.. I sometimes go to three or so other GS's and they aren't bad either though I don't go as often to them as this particular one.

I remember one store I went to that got turned from a funcoland(spelling?) to GS had two obvious pot heads working there.. were the opposite of helpful lol that was way the hell back though.
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User Info: Venom65437

4 years ago#29
overkillwfo1978 posted...
Rule #6. Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and Steam (for PC) exist. People really still go to Gamestop? That's hilarious.

Right here. LoL
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User Info: mmc2679

4 years ago#30
I have a solution...just don't buy from GameStop. There are some true bargains to be had at times, but most times it's not worth the trouble. I stick with Amazon and NewEgg, and avoid GameStop as much as possible.
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