Time for wii U party! Rejoice!

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User Info: m3dworld

4 years ago#11
ADHDguitar posted...
It's funny how everyone loathes the game, yet the same people love Mario Party.

mario 3d world... from the makers of the best game ever.

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#12
lastofus1999 posted...
If you're throwing a Wii U party, wouldn't you want the people you're inviting, to have Wii U's?

Squatch is pretty much the only person on this board who doesn't have one.
Hell, he probably thinks it's a fable. Like the unicorn, or a funny episode of Friends.

...we need a few laughs. And well, I don't have a Wii U either. A ton of folks on this board don't have one (yet).
Read the mania: http://www.fanfiction.net/~nonexistinghero
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: Gamespoht

4 years ago#13
It's cause you didn't add me for sonic racing
''No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me''-Sonic The Hedgehog
I am Gamespot's Unofficial Mascot....Love Me.

User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#14
lastofus1999 posted...
Can't wait for this game!

Let's all join,

Shaunme, Buretsu, Icarus, Squatch22, Monkeyspoon......

More like Troll Party.
Waiting for: Pokemon X and Y, Monolith Soft's X, Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, Dark Souls 2
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