Why are you in Nintendo's corner?

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User Info: Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic
4 years ago#1
Serious topic here, no trolling. But it's something I'm honestly curious about.

Nintendo has made mistakes -- I think everyone can agree to that. Every company makes mistakes, and so has Nintendo.

Exactly what those mistakes are, we might disagree on. Some might say the Wii U's dual screen was a mistake, its lack of marketing, its name, its price point, its lack of first parties, its release timing...

But I think the most damning mistake Nintendo has made with the Wii U is its lack of third party support.

And yet, here's the thing -- there are so many people here who've written that mistake off like it doesn't matter, who've gone out and bought themselves a Wii U and couldn't care less. It's something I've never been able to understand.

If you're the type of person who has a lot of disposable income and will go out and buy a PS4 to go along with your Wii U, then this topic isn't pointed at you. This topic is pointed at the Nintendo fanboys -- the people who only care about Nintendo consoles and Nintendo IPs, who think Nintendo can do no wrong, and pretend they don't care about the games that don't come out on other systems.

My question is... Why? Why are you always in Nintendo's corner? From my point of view, Nintendo has done a tremendous disservice to its fanbase since the days of the SNES. They've repeatedly ostracized third party devs with stupid decisions like cartridges on the N64, minidiscs on the Gamecube, lack of any coherent multiplayer service on the Wii and now the Wii U... and as a result, third party devs don't go to Nintendo, they go to Sony and Microsoft instead. And everyone who's a Nintendo fanboy claims to be shocked at their audacity, and they delude themselves by making up conspiracy theories about how Nintendo wouldn't accept EA's Origin blackmail or whatever.

Why are you always in Nintendo's corner? Why aren't you angry at Nintendo for producing an inferior product, or for offering an inferior service, or for making business decisions that cause good relationships with third party devs to wilt, wither, and die?

Imagine a universe where Nintendo had met third parties halfway instead of leaving them out in the cold. Where they had cultivated their relationships with third parties instead of killing them. Imagine a world where your Nintendo console had not only Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, but also Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Mass Effect...

You, the customer, would have so many more options. So many more choices!

Why aren't you angry at Nintendo for making poor business decisions, and as a result, denying you that universe? Why aren't you mad at them for denying themselves that potential? Why aren't you pissed at them for providing you an inferior product with an inferior array of games than what, in another universe, they could have been capable of?

Nintendo's biggest flaw is that they don't live up to their potential. I don't understand why more of their fans don't hold Nintendo's feet to the fire and demand they be a better company.

User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

4 years ago#2
I like their games.
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User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#3
Nintendo makes a lot of the games I want to play.

As for your bolded point, why is it "just" the PS4? I have a reasonably stout gaming PC, and it will get the very vast majority of PS4 games, and all the games PS4 will have that I actually want to play. Do I still count in your questioning?
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User Info: splodeymissile

4 years ago#4
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
I like their games.
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User Info: WraithX_959

4 years ago#5
Because they are the reason I love gaming.

User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#6
1) I don't give even one damn about third-party, or first-party for that matter. I only care that the games are fun to play. I feel this way because I am a gamer, not a brand whore.

2) Nintendo games are fun to play. Therefore, I play them.

3) I also have a PS3 and a gaming PC. Technically, I also have a 360, but it isn't hooked up. I get any platform which has fun games I want to play because, once again, I am gamer and not a brand whore.
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User Info: Rappy00

4 years ago#7
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
I like their games.

This when did gaming become so serious?
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#8
I've never got a non-Nintendo system, I never saw the need. I always had enough to keep me busy, even to this day. Nintendo's own IPs, along with what 3rd party they do get keeps me satisfied. It helps that I have exceedingly low standards.

This gen I got a 3DS and Wii U, and I still have every Nintendo system up to this point. I haven't even gotten everything I want on even one of the systems I have. I will never get a system from another company.

The rest of this year alone has so much stuff I want: SMT 4, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Pokemon X&Y, Sonic Lost World, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, DKCTF, Mario 3D World, and more. With all that, and what I have already, what need do I have of any more systems?

User Info: CaptainRandom1

4 years ago#9
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
I like their games.
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User Info: Spookyryu

4 years ago#10
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
I like their games.
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