EA Sports' Andrew Wilson on coming back to Wii U

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User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#31
Wii had the userbase Wii U lacks, and EA's games were not any better or any worse at the time, they just stood a better chance at making a profit because there were more people buying games.
If I support the game company, then I won't be supporting the blank DVD business.

User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#32
NovaLevossida posted...
NeoMonk posted...
PS4 and XBOX One have no user base but they're developing for it...

I love the double speak... EA is truly scum

Once again, as I said, EA is willing to give every platform a try. People are just butthurt that it didn't work out well for the Wii U and they want to think they're pulling a double standard by supporting the new consoles that don't have an install base when they did the same thing when the Wii U had no install base. Can't have it both ways there, guys.

This isn't a try, this is like going into a fast-food place and only buying a soft drink before deciding the place sucks. Had they released a full-fledged superior port (NFS doesn't count, that was Criterion) and it didn't sell, they'd be in the right.
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User Info: GodofLaziness

4 years ago#33
jragon23 posted...
SychinLegacy posted...
"We had a strong offering on Wii U at launch"

Lol is this a joke? They offered inferior versions with significant features cut and they call it a strong offering?

Limitations of the console. And serious game companies don't want to waste resources designing for gimmicks that the wii has

How does it feel being a blind sheep eating whatever crumbs EA drop? At this point it's obvious how EA feel about Nintendo, it have nothing to do with sales or install base or "gimmick" (what do you call the Kinect?). It's just flat out bias and spite and they're using the failed sale as an excuse to not make any game for Wii U. This is nothing new, they did the same thing on the Wii. I remember I bought Madden on the Wii and that game was riddled with glitches, virtually unplayable. It was the main reason I bought a PS3 soon afterward.
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User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#34
NovaLevossida posted...
EA is willing to give every platform a try.

I'll make this short... Did you play fifa 13 on a PS3?

Ok... DID you play it on the WII U?

It looks like a PS2 game and plays like a PS1 game... Giving it a "TRY" doesn't mean porting games properly...
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