Nintendo should create a real Nintendo Land

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User Info: nimrod5480

4 years ago#61
Nintendo is no where near Disney's level of public awareness.

Either way, a small NintendoLand park would be very cool. They could a make a park similar to Legoland near Orlando, Fl or California and partner with them for combined dual park ticket deals! Nintendo is kind of a niche brand like Lego anyways so I thought it was a good pairing and each park would also get the other neighboring park-goers curiosity.

Possible attractions (some of which others mentioned):
Peach's Castle w/ dueling Bowser's Castle somewhere else.
Hyrule Field
Zelda dungeon ride or something of an exploration/puzzle solving nature
Pokemon island
Metroid tunnels/ride - Going from Crateria-Brinster-Maridia-Norfair-Tourian. Super Metroid Theme with appearances by many creatures and certain bosses.
Donkey Kong Jungle (maybe this is a kid nets and playground area with tall things to climb?)
Mario Kart race track
Luigis Haunted Mansion (image the interactive vacuum elements)
Maybe something Pikmin themed.

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#62
jbhens posted...
nonexistinghero posted...
None of them are as recognizable as Mickey Mouse, so m00t point.

Are you a diehard Nintendo fanboy or something?

As adamant as you are about insisting your view is right in this thread... I'd say "pot, kettle, black". Do you have Buzz Lightyear bedsheets?
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User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#63
Well I was thinking of a game in every Nintendo place(subspace emissary like, but with Nintendo games' places)

But a park, people will have another reason to "NINTENDO IS KIDDY!! GRAPHIX!! LET'S GO, SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE, BEAT THE GAME!HARDCOREY"
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?

User Info: Ericxc

4 years ago#64
To be fair, Nintendo could just create a regular theme park, grab some paint and makeover things with Nintendo characters, and rename rides to fit Nintendo themed items.

User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#65
This topic has been discussed before. No in all caps, NO. It's a disaster waiting to happen. SNK once had a Neo Geo Land, a few of them (different tiers). The cost of land, construction, staffing would be an enormous money pit.
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