There has been some talk of Kamiya upset over no 101 advertising...

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  3. There has been some talk of Kamiya upset over no 101 advertising...

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#11
Read my review of Wonderful 101 on it's respective board.

Wonderful 101 is the game to purchase for the Wii U as it utilizes the gamepad better than any first party Nintendo game and will offer experiences that will not be found in the 2013 Wii U Nintendo first party line-up. . .

After playing it, I pretty much decided NOT to purchase a few Nintendo first party games. . .
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User Info: BkzIzu

4 years ago#12
It's a PLatinum game and it's on the WiiU. It'll bomb even with advertisements.

User Info: Lordrv

4 years ago#13
Laughable 101 all but confirmed as a flop. Now can we please have Mad World 2, preferably on PS4?

User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#14

Kamiya is openly complaining about Nintendo's (lack of) promotion of the game. Well to be fair, they arent promoting Pikmin 3 well either and thats one of Shiggy's own creation.

Nintendo is really stingy and its going to cause Kamiya's great game to bomb hard. He spend 1.5x more to make Wonderful 101 than the first Bayonetta.
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User Info: cminc

4 years ago#15
He has every right to be upset. He knows he doesnt live in a fantasy world like those of you who are making excuses for nintendos lack of strategy in advertising here.

He lives in the real world where most people have no idea what the wiiu is, much less whats coming out for it. And, right now, odds are good that he knows the performance of his game is going to pretty much exemplify exactly why third parties do NOT want to be exclusive to nintendo...more than that, hes seeing nothing put into motion that'll change any of the problems nintendo seems happy to hold on to--just like the rest of us who dont have our heads up their ass.

Also, games are always advertised and hyped well before release. Usually not on tv, but always in magazine advertising, online previews, developer discussions and on and on. We knew there was going to be a new tombraider overhaul well before the game released. We knew loads of stuff about mirrors edge, dead space, dragonage and mass effect years before they came out, too. All those games were everywhere from the start and that costs more than nintendo wants to pay.

101's pretty much been limited to the same nintendo direct crap that the rest of the wiiu's been stuck with, and the results weve been seeing are anything but stellar.

Again, maybe his game isnt the right one to push, but it is a game that looks well done and is a wiiu exvlusive due out soon. He has a right to be upset that its release is being as phoned in as everything else since the console launch.

As an example, Lego city is still one of the best open world games ive ever played and next to no one i know even knows it exists, either.

To go further, nintendo had ONE third party exclusive going for it in the e3 direct in sonic lost world and they didnt even mention it, instead opting to throw it in with batman, ac and splintercell--which are coming out for everything.

Whether the nintendo loyalists want to admit it or not, these are huge problems that have a lot to do with why more and more devs want less and less to do with them.
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  3. There has been some talk of Kamiya upset over no 101 advertising...

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