Will the next nintendo system be X86 based?

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User Info: Nostalgia_3

4 years ago#11
Asuir posted...
Nostalgia_3 posted...
...You do realize that two thirds of the eighth gen consoles aren't out yet, right? And you're discussing ninth gen consoles - something that probably won't happen for at least 6+ years?

I doubt Nintendo even knows for sure at this point. So this is, at best, pointless speculation.

Nintendo has already started work on the next console. All companies start working on their next piece of technology immediately and the Wii U's been out for almost a year. If you really think Nintendo doesn't have an idea in place then you need to wake up bro.

I think you underestimate how much time goes into the design of a console. Even if they've already started designing it, if you think anything in their current plans is final in any way, you're the one who needs to wake up.

Also doesn't change the fact that this is still idle speculation. We have no access even to their tentative ideas for their next console.

User Info: Dorami

4 years ago#12
ARM would probably work as well, because it would then share architecture with mobile devices.
"Why do ppl say Steam/PC has DRM? The only thing steam does is prevent piracy, and there's nothing wrong with that." - Oil_Rope_Bombs

User Info: huckbeine

4 years ago#13
if its arm then it opens another whole can of worms
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