Wii U Pro controller, poor build quality

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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#21
Hmmm! Why... the mods seem to be having trouble getting back to me regarding why my post was removed. I think I'll help them out, and... just repost it. ;) Don't worry; I'll modify the part that made someone cry.


Whoa, TC, what are you doing? Using the word "poor" in the topic title!?... you should have already taken a picture of yourself with the controller, the receipt, and a piece of paper with your username written on it. The predictability of this boards' doubt knows no ends, and if you're criticizing you go straight to the top of the list.

Remember - this is a generation that actually believes public message boards should be nothing BUT handholding, sunshowers, rainbows, happy talk, and sweet, delicious praise... although none of them would ever admit that. ;)

HayashiTakara posted...

*troll detector going off* /ignore, man can a list get full?

Yes, it can. You can no longer add to the list once someone else actually cares about it - new feature of GameFAQs. Try adding me to it... see what happens! ;)
The irony of GameFAQs: http://postimg.org/image/a2yrtprql/
The users nipping at my heels? <3 Yeah... they really like me. ;)
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