One Nintendo game per month next 5 months!

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User Info: crucial

4 years ago#31
Wow what a terrible line up,I think the Vita is doing better,that is a sad line up,PS4/X1 launch line up looks better then the next 5 month's for Wii Y,remake for the worse zelda game yet another Sonic game that will be average at best and other crap that no one cares about,enjoy lmao.

User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#32
and people wonder why the system is failing..
"A laptop is a handheld console" - LOL_FAQ
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#33
Sailor Goon posted...
and people wonder why the system is failing..

Same reason why the Vita's failing.
no i tried resetting game i even start violent slamming cartridge on wall but all it does make static noise when i put into DS, the problem not fix! -ReconUnit

User Info: twa556

4 years ago#34
I'm buying Watch Dogs, Donkey Kong if I beat 3D before it comes out, probably Deus Ex.
Overall I'm pleased.

User Info: Bloodychess

4 years ago#35
Tauro_Fc posted...
Bloodychess posted...
Tauro_Fc posted...
The_Shadow_Link posted...
Only Wonderful 101 for Wii U in September huh? Cool to know. If that game flops. I know to blame the Nintendo Fan for not buying it.

Exactly. We really going to know if third parties and gaming media were right all along. There is no excuses this time.

How many units would have to be sold for you to consider 101 a success?

Whatever the developer and/or publisher expect to sell for it to he a success.

That's not always public knowledge though, so I was looking more for an opinion.
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