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User Info: rafiiilla

4 years ago#41
It's the most user friendly console ever (IMO) that my 3 year old can start becoming a gamer (I'm proudly seeing how my daughter is following his daddy's steps)... this is a veeerryy positive argument on the WiiU (for me)

Also, this console brings the family to play together (Couch multiplayer FTW)

and last but not least... the fact that even after all the negativity and "under-performing" issues people complain about, I'm still very exited about this console
NNID: rafiiilla

User Info: Simcityfanboy

4 years ago#42
It finally overtook the Wii in weekly sales.
3ds - 180,279
PS3 - 135,657
X360 - 92,896
Vita - 59,522
PSP - 51,429
WiiU - 24,981
Wii - 24,214
DS - 10,893
Nintendo will strive to survive!
June 29,2013 = Wii-24,214 WiiU-24,981 Next Target PSP-51,429
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