Why I think this gen will be PS4 vs WiiU

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User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#31
True, it isn't the full drive club game. Also add the $60 for ps+ and its a $460 price for it. ($110 difference)

User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#32
I will own both anyway. But I would prefer it to be the PS4 vs Wii U. MS needs to go. The X1 already share similar games with the PS4. There's not much to make it different.
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User Info: owens_terrell81

4 years ago#33
Ill bet my left nut X1 outsells them both

User Info: PsychoDrama1

4 years ago#34
I think it will still be PS4 vs. Xbone. Some people, like myself, are going to buy a PS4 AND then a WiiU.
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User Info: KingTurt

4 years ago#35
It will be PS4 vs WiiU this generation because of games.

Sony and Nintendo actually have exclusives, unlike Microsoft. Sure, you can go ahead and talk about all the "new IPs and apparent exclusives Microsoft is offering with the Xbox One", but it's nothing compared to what Sony and Nintendo have.

Killer Instinct, i'll give Microsoft that one. (A lot of fans seem to be mad towards the game, though)
Dead Rising 3 is most likely a timed exclusive.
Halo 5 was already expected.
Fortza... Forza? I'm not even gonna bother looking up how to spell it.
Quantum Break? A cross-between TV and a game? I haven't seen real gameplay of it yet so I can't judge it.
Ryse... a lot of people seriously don't even want that game because of the combat. Who would put quick-time events in every single combat sequence?

Most of the "15 new exclusives, 8 being new IPs" could easily just be Kinect games considering Microsoft is forcing you to own it (And it spies on you).

Sony and Nintendo actually get japanse games as well, since most of the userbase for them is hugely in Japan, and the other being in NA and other places. Kingdom Hearts 3 is only on the Xbox One because Microsoft is probably paying a lot of money for it. (And if you honestly expect KH3 will sell on the Xbone, don't kid yourself. Nobody in Japan even owns an Xbox, literally, Xbox doesn't sell at all in Japan).

Honestly, what does the Xbox One offer that's better than a PS4 or WiiU? Virtually nothing. While it might be more powerful than the WiiU, the Xbox One is also:

- Less powerful than a PS4.
- Costs $100 more.
- Kinect is mandatory and spies on you.
- Almost every game is has so far you can get on the Xbox360 still, or it's on the PS4 and WiiU.

A lot of Xbox fans have still either moved to Sony, Nintendo, or both Sony and Nintendo just because of what Microsoft tried to pull. So Microsoft still lost a portion of its fanbase with all the **** they tried to pull with the Xbox One.

tl;dr: Nintendo and Sony both have exclusives and actual japanese support. Microsoft doesn't. While Microsoft might be trying to improve some of its exclusive games, it's still nowhere near Sony or Nintendo's amount of exclusives.
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#36
SegavsCapcom posted...
plasticman13 posted...
You're wrong, it's going to be PS4 vs. One.


Correct. As usual, Nintendo will be the awkward third-leg in the home console "race".
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User Info: AstralFrost

4 years ago#37
Rasputin77 posted...
SegavsCapcom posted...
plasticman13 posted...
You're wrong, it's going to be PS4 vs. One.


Correct. As usual, Nintendo will be the awkward third-leg in the home console "race".

Agreed. Nintendo isn't even in the running for second place this time around now that the casuals have all departed for IOS. Maybe Nintendo should release phones instead of home consoles? LOL
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User Info: Advent_Sign

4 years ago#38
I think it will be the Wii U as a back up console to play with friends, the PC to do high end gaming and work when needed and the PS4 VS Xbox One when it comes exclusively for gaming by yourself or online. Nintendo is definitely not competing...it isn't the issue of how much they sell. It is just that they are taking a different route again. Whether it is a good one or a bad one I do not know. It feels like Nintendo doesn't want to directly compete with Sony or Microsoft so Nintendo built their system differently. I don't think Nintendo will sell a LOT of Wii U systems, but they will sell a fair bit.

I don't consider the Wii U to be competing with the consoles because it seems a fair bit of people who bought the Wii U also want to buy either an Xbox One or a PS 4 when they come out.

User Info: TheMisfit88

4 years ago#39
Yeah, I think that's quite a possibility. As powerful as the XB1 is, I'm betting that 500 dollar price point is going to be the biggest sticking point. I'll probably still pick one up eventually but not until that thing gets a price drop.
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