New System update?

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User Info: FireFlower16

4 years ago#1
Figured I'd share this with you guys but my Wii U is currently updating. It might be one of these stability updates. I just wanted to share this information with you.

User Info: Glem3

4 years ago#2
Version 3.1.0 U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

Improvements to Standby Functions:

The standby functions will now regularly connect to the Internet when the Wii U is powered down to check for available SpotPass data or software and system updates. Software updates will be installed while the Wii U is powered down, and system updates will be installed the next time the Wii U is powered on. For further detailed information, click here.

Improvements to system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

*A system update providing further additions to system functionality is planned for release between the end of September and beginning of October.
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