Got Metroid Prime Trillogy New For Just $20 Today!

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User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#11
Keep it. and one day it will be worth alot. that's what I'm doing.
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User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#12
ashcrv posted...
Yeah ok guys. I'mma sell it for $120. How's that?

Its going for $270ish over at Amazon iirc. Maybe you can try around 200 or so.
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User Info: ThatGuyZ

4 years ago#13


At this point, only one word signifies me:..yes.
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User Info: GDoobah

4 years ago#14
Pic (with game, receipt and time stamped with your user name) or it never happened.
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User Info: dancing_cactuar

4 years ago#15
Keep it.

Keep it and never let it go.
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User Info: nilesthebrave

4 years ago#16
You'll be lucky to get a hundred off it IF it's complete in box, including plastic sleeve.

I'd honestly hold on to it, I've learned from close to 25 years of gaming that it was worth holding onto all those boxes and manuals for all of those years, as I sit on a gaming collection worth enough to put a downpayment on a house.
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