...I'm really excited for ductales (wooOOH)

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User Info: New Link

New Link
4 years ago#1
Yeah I'll be getting Pikmin for sure, and probably Splinter Cell, but for some reason I just cant wait for Ducktales.

I've only played the original once and hardly remember it but i did love ducktales growing up lol.
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User Info: RockD79

4 years ago#2
I can't wait either. May take the original for a spin soon as a refresher.
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User Info: HaloOfTheSun442

4 years ago#3
I was going to get DuckTales for Wii U, but when I found out the PS3 version is getting a (sort of) retail release, my compulsion to be able to display my games on a shelf forced me into wanting it for that platform instead.

User Info: jillwarren

4 years ago#4
Day one for me. Ducktales was one of the very first games I beat for myself, at an extremely young age. If they keep the tightness of the platforming then I will be very pleased.
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  3. ...I'm really excited for ductales (wooOOH)

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