Im a huge sony fan and will definatly buy the ps4 but...

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  3. Im a huge sony fan and will definatly buy the ps4 but...

User Info: ninja_starX

4 years ago#1
I have to admit there are some great wii-u games too that makes me want to get both, Im just worried though that this might end up like the dreamcast with no future games getting released for it and that makes me hesitate to buy one. Do you think the sales will pick up once nintendo bring thier AAA franchises?

User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#2
Of course. Pikmin 3 is about to come.
Waiting for: Pokemon X and Y, Monolith Soft's X, Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs, Dark Souls 2

User Info: Heracylost

4 years ago#3
Yes it will pick up. Even when Wind Waker HD drops sales will spike. I'll get a PS4 eventually, but I'll wait a year or so. Got the U cheap but the U really is an impressive system. The fact it gets no love is a shame.
But when Mario 3D world, Pickman, M Cart all that drops it will pick up. Next year when the Zelda U and I'd assume a Metroid title among other things. The U will really turn around.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

4 years ago#4
ninja_starX posted...
this might end up like the dreamcast

Sega in 2001 had huge debt, owed money, and had way too many peripherals.
Nintendo in 2013 has no debt (people owe Nintendo), has billions of dollars, and hasn't flooded the market with peripherals.

Yes the Wii U will continue to get support no matter what.
Look at you.... sticking to the plan.

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#5
Possibly, though I doubt you have to worry about it being another Dreamcast. The Dreamcast didn't fail on its own; heck, it probably would've survived, were it not for other mistakes Sega made, like...

-Not informing Sega of America of the Sega CD until it was announced, then not supplying them with a devkit immediately.

-Releasing the 32X for $159 when the PS1 could be had for only 40% more.

-Billing the 32X as an alternative to buying a 32-bit system, when they themselves had a 32-bit system.

-Not supporting the 32X with a major 1st party game, with the closest equivalent being Knuckles Chaotix. Also, not releasing KC in time for the holiday season, or delaying the (rushed) 32X to have the game at launch.

-Making the Saturn work with quadrilaterals instead of triangles as its base for 3D graphics; for that matter, cannibalizing the system's architecture to compete as a 3D system when 3D games were still unproven and a 2D system could've competed with the PS1 on price.

-Giving the Saturn an 8-processor architecture with 2 CPUs that was too complicated to work with and only further increased the price.

-The surprise release of the Saturn. In principle, it was a good idea - surprising gamers was a good way to win fans, and gave them a massive shock factor at E3. In practice, this surprise should be limited to fans, and not expanded to include develeopers making games for your fake release date.

-Continuing development on the Neptune through 1996, when Genesis sales had long since dried up and the 32X.

-Not releasing RPGs in the west, even though Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon had proven them to be popular.

-The short merger with Bandai.


-Buying failing pinball companies in their attempts to revive the industry, and spending millions on new innovations that failed to boost the market.

-Cancelling Sonic X-treme, meaning that, once again, they had released a system without a game in their most popular series. This may have been forgivable on the 32X - after all, it got what was a good spin-off title that retained some of the gameplay of the major Sonic games, and it was only an add-on. Here, on a console? Yeah. Not so much.

-Cancelling the Saturn in Europe in 1998, 16 months before the Dreamcast was released there, and still expecting gamers to support the company when the new system finally did arrive.

-Releasing the Dreamcast a year later internationally than in Japan, giving Sony adequate time to run their smear campaign (or whatever you want to call it).

-Shenmue. Was the game good? Yes, of course. Was it a smart idea to spend $47 million on a game released on a console with only 10 million units in sales that would have needed to sell over 16 million copies to make a profit? What do you think?

-Attempting to get Microsoft to make the Xbox backwards-compatible with Dremcast games. Ignoring the fact that such a deal likely would have cost Sega money and required cooperating with their competition, they seemed to forget that the Dreamcast wasn't discontinued yet. And even if they were planning this after it was discontinued (they weren't; the Xbox had already been released), it would've eliminated their ability to re-release games on the Xbox to get more sales, and hurt their relationship with the other companies, where their series ended up enjoying more success (especially Sonic and Monkey Ball on Nintendo systems).

-Announcing that they were going to make games on other consoles in addition to the Dreamcast and still expecting the console to be successful. Then, announcing that there were going to be exclusive games on these other consoles and not the Dreamcast.

Of course, the Wii U could end up being another Saturn...but with Pikmin 3, MK8, SM3DL, and X, I doubt it.
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  3. Im a huge sony fan and will definatly buy the ps4 but...

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