Some WiiU questions.

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User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#11
The WiiU has a "Wii mode" which works exactly like a real Wii. Any Wii game, whether a disc or virtual console, can only be played in Wii mode, and only with Wii accessories. WiiU accessories, like the Gamepad, do not work in Wii mode, and therefore can not be used for Wii games.
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User Info: Y S

4 years ago#12
Xenesis Xenon posted...
Y S posted...
Thanks for the replies people, Just one more thing, Can I buy Wii VC games on the WiiU? Don't understand why those games wouldn't work on the WiiU gamepad?

You can, the Wii Mode has access to the Wii Shop.

Basically Wii mode turns the Wii U into a Wii for the duration - only things that worked on the Wii work. It's a foolproof compatibility layer with the downside of supporting none of the Wii U's features.

Basically think of stuff like using a Gamecube game in a Wii or a GBA game in an NDS.

Seems fair enough, but kinda lazy IMO but thanks for the replies again, I think I'll stick to waiting for a PS4 and play GTA5/Pokémon Y till then, playing ACNL for now :) Hopefully next Summer the WiiU would have a more attractive line up, anyone getting a Nintendo system for graphics is an idiot, you get them for games so I'll wait awhile.

Thanks again.
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