Nintendo handhelds vs. Nintendo consoles

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User Info: TheMisterManGuy

4 years ago#1
Nintendo has been struggling with consoles for years now. They make phenomenal 1st party software and they make good consoles. But the consoles are always held back by one major limitation or another. With the Nintendo 64 staying with cartridges, Gamecubes mini discs and no online, and the Wii's Hardware and barebones, mediocre online.

However, while Nintendo is always behind the times in consoles, they're always 3 steps ahead of everyone else in the handheld space. Some even go as far as saying their handhelds are superior to their consoles, and they wouldn't be too far off.

Hardware - this is the problem, Nintendo is trying to apply the handheld approach to their consoles. In that they're weaker than the competition. But this will only get them so far in the console market because gamers expect high end visuals and advanced graphics on consoles. While on handhelds, people aren't expecting the best graphics in the industry, and are just looking for the games. Which brings me to....

1st and 2nd party output - we all know Nintendo makes some of the best 1st party games in the industry. Be it Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros. etc. However in recent times, the company has been accused of supposed "milking" and "rehashing" and not making new IP's. And Nintendo's games are typically seen as "childrens games" (even though has tried to remedy that).

However, let's look at their handheld software. Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Drill Dozer, Wario Land, WarioWare, Pokémon, Trace Memory, Art Style, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Elite Beat Agents, Jump Stars. Quirky, unique, and sometimes story driven or mature games you normally don't expect Nintendo to put out that seem to be aplenty on their handhelds. While their consoles get games like this every once in awhile, they're at their best on handhelds.

3rd party support - this one will seem baffling to anyone unfamiliar with Nintendo systems. How in the world can Nintendo enlist almost every major 3rd party developer to bring big franchises (Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Dragon Quest, Sonic, Mega Man, Shin Megami Tensei, Monster Hunter, Tales of) and get it all in spades, while they fail as spectacularly as they do with consoles?

The answer is market dominance. Nintendo controls the handheld market with incredible ease and because of that, developers flock to them like a Burger King discount meal. Meanwhile, the console market is where Sony and Microsoft have majority of the market share for gamers. While Nintendo satisfies the 1st party and casual gamer niche.

Overall setup and management - This is where Nintendo's preference to handhelds really shows. First compare the online experiences between the DS and the Wii. Already the DS had voice chat, lag free gameplay, a better sense of community that allowed you to sync your DS WiFi ID to you My Nintendo account to post stats, high scores, and even enter tournaments on the Nintendo WFC website, and it even had an official headset well before the Wii.

The only thing the 2 had in common was Friend codes which TBF, while still not the best method of adding friends, was much less of a hassle on the DS than on the Wii. Already it's still continuing, with 3DS having join game functions, custom folders, and seamless Backwards Compatibility while the Wii U has no such features.

Bottom line, Handhelds have been Nintendo's strength and niche for years now and I think we can all agree that that's where their true focus for hardware is.
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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#2
their true focus is

Game developer 1st
Hardware manufacturer 2nd

at least for Iwata.
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User Info: SSMajinVegeta2

4 years ago#3
I would , i'm one of those guys that would bend over backwards for someone i love-TheRatedR_Viper
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User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#4
nintendo puts out qaulity on their consoles, while there handhelds gain less budget type of games, so if you are a nintendo fan, i would get both.

these days i have no time to play games like skyrim or witcher, GTA i stick with nintendo, but then again im sure id still stick with nintendo becuse their games are just fun and not boring.

the biggest draw is that after ones you finish their games, and leave it for one month or more and then come back to it, you feel like its brand new again. so the replay value of their games are huge for me.
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