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User Info: pbayne22

4 years ago#1
Revisting a lot of wii games I missed while I wait for some good wii u games to build up. Im looking for rpgs in particular, these four seem to the highest rated;

Pandoras Tower
Last Story
Xenoblade(crazy expensive)
Tales of symphonia(played the first one on gamecube)

Which should I start with and are there any other games you guys would recommend?

User Info: Andyliini

4 years ago#2
Monster Hunter Tri is for Wii, but since it doesn't have online play anymore, it wouldn't be a good choice. You should try Fire Emblem or Rune Factory, they have good reputation. Zelda games could also be labeled as RPG's.

User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#3
I got a Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon lying around. Haven't played yet so dunno if it's any good thoo.
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User Info: Waruigi

4 years ago#4
Among those games, Xenoblade steals the show. But, like you said, it's not cheap and there will probably never be a re-release. After that I say The Last Story but personal preferences may differ.
"I'm no longer surprised by how long and how earnestly people can talk about absolute rubbish." -shockwavepulsarjim

User Info: senelcoolidge_

4 years ago#5
Arc Rise Fantasia
Super Paper Mario
Dragon Quest Swords
Rune Factory Frontier
Spectrobes: Origins

are some rpg's that I heavily enjoyed.
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User Info: Waruigi

4 years ago#6
I will say one more things: If you can find a gamestop that has it in stock and you like big RPGs, then this game is worth $90.

Between my two files I ended up at around 200 hours on this game, including one 24 hour marathon session.
"I'm no longer surprised by how long and how earnestly people can talk about absolute rubbish." -shockwavepulsarjim

User Info: crikey102

4 years ago#7
xenoblade crazy expensive eh? I picked it up for 30 bucks a few months ago
I'm currently searching for tales of symphonia as well.

User Info: ZanderKaboose

4 years ago#8
I know it got a lot of hype and everything... and I consider myself one to play damn near any game all the way through no matter what (if you need examples... Deadpool and sonic 06, to name a few)

But The Last Story just bored the ever loving HELL outta me after the first ten hours. *snore*

Please heed my warning and rent it first, if at all possible
See my opinion is superior because I refuted your statement without actually arguing anything. ~JDM_Jev

User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#9
Fragile Dreams

Ignore what everyone harped on about combat. This isn't a combo filled action game, is an action RPG with Japanese style horror under tones. You have breakable equipment as specific sets of weapons for the right situation. Heavy weapon are meant to be saved for thing that you need to stun. Shot based weapons are used on long range and flying, and timing can be just as important.

The only issue I take from the game systems is money in the game is added as an "unidentified" object. You can only identify the object at save point fires. The problem is unlike every other object, that isn't a one time memory object, it never becomes identified the next time you pick one up. This is exacerbated by the fact it is impossible to drop "unidentified" objects. This becomes a problem with limited item storage with weapon being one of them. In the end the player is forced to chuck healing items they might really need, either because they can't pick them up or had to chuck it to check.

I may have type a it too much on that, but it illustrates how something no review brought up is the real issue with the game. I also make it sound worse than it is, this is really a late game concern mostly involving random drops. My real main issue with the game is "There is a Door you can not open!". You don't understand the implication of that yet so I will restate "There is a DOOR... and... you can NOT OPEN IT."

The point of that is the concern is actually silly and has no actual baring on the game at hand. It just happens show how there is room for more content in the game that was not expanded upon, possibly because you know back tracking to have included a key and extra memory items blah blah blah. But since the game is sort of about exploring, seeing the limits well...

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#10
My opinions:
Xenoblade: Superb game. Definitely get this one, even with the high price it should still be worth it. The main quest is roughly 50 hours if you rush it... can be done faster if you really rush it. But there's also a gigantic amount of sidequests (don't feel obligated to do them all if you feel overwhelmed).

Pandora's Tower: It's alright. Gets a bit stale later on. Controls take a bit to get used to. It's a good game, but it has some flaws. It does have a superb New Game + system though.

The Last Story: For me this game was a huge disappointment, since I enjoyed the Mistwalker's previous console games so much (Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey). A ton of people say it's great, but I personally think it's bad. Don't like the characters, don't like the story, battle system just feels gimmicky and shallow and it's an incredibly short RPG (JRPG's are generally roughly 30 hours with a minimal amount of sidequests... this game is 20-25 hours to fully complete).

Tales of Symponia: Dawn of the New World: An even bigger disappointment than The Last Story. It manages to take everything good about Tales of Symphonia and somehow manages to turn it into garbage. This includes the story and characters. The only improvement are the graphics. That's it. Do not bother with this game. Ever.

There's also Arc Rise Fantasia... haven't played it, but I heard that it's a pretty decent RPG.
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