Why does Europe hate Nintendo?

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User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#41
I'm from UK and had a Vic 20, Amstrad and Commodore 64, then got NES, SNES and a Master System, then switched to Amiga and at some point during the Amiga period I had a Sega CD. Then got a Playstation in 1996 and sold that in 97 and bought a PC. In 98 much to my surprise I received a Nintendo 64 for Xmas.

I became a PC gamer in 97 and didn't own another console until 2002 when I got a PS2 and bought my friends PSX. Xmas 2003 I went half with my bro and got an Xbox and in 2005 he bought a 360, in 2006 he bought a Wii just to play Zelda, and in 2007 I got a PS3 for Xmas.

The Wii got given to Mum as we never used it after Zelda.

Dunno why I detailed my whole history there :p

Why does Nintendo suck in Europe? I didn't know it did tbh. I was looking at release for my above history and did see that the release dates in Europe for Nintendo consoles were far behind JP and NA. N64 was released in JP in June 2006 and didn't get to Europe until March 2007, wtf Nintendo? and SNES got released about 17 months after it's JP release, 1990 in JP to 1992 in Europe. Gamecube was also released nearly a year after JP

Even as far back as the NES, released in JP in 1983, 1985 in NA and 1986 in Europe.

Europe doesn't hate Nintendo, Nintendo obviously hates Europe. So why has Nintendo not sold well in Europe? I'm going to say Sega. While Sega were no better then Nintendo for European release dates they were released before Nintendo after the Mega Drive/Genesis. And back in those days when gaming was a kids activity, parents would buy 1 console, and in Europe Sega kept releasing first. We got the Sega Saturn 2 years before the N64, and between those 2 consoles Playstation was released. Outside of Japan Playstation had near on worldwide release dates, Sega didn't sync up until the Dreamcast and shockingly Nintendo only had a worldwide release when it came to the Wii. And that baffles my mind because Nintendo handhelds were getting global releases since the Gameboy Colour, so why didn't they do it with the home consoles?

As for today, in 2013, I believe Nintendo is failing because they don't have the games the majority of gamers are playing these days. I do not believe the Wii U will recover from this slump but I don't think it will push Ninty out of the home console market.

If they don't sort themselves out for Gen 9 though, then I think Ninty will be in some serious trouble. Right now the Wii U is at Sega Saturn, if their next home console is a Dreamcast then it really will be Nintendoomed as they'll be pushed into the handheld market.

User Info: Eamon696

4 years ago#42
Well the Wii didn't carry the AAA titles that are popular in Europe, such as FIFA and Call of Duty(They had inferior ports, but not the true versions seen on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.). That maybe why the Wii U isn't doing so well.

User Info: lordofthenlpple

4 years ago#43
"Across the pond, consumers prefer racing and soccer games to blockbuster action, adventure and first-person shooter games that are the staple of the U.S. diet. Indeed, Europeans view such games as “evil,” says Cevat Yerli, chief executive of Crytek, a German game developer that specializes in first-person shooters".

Although the explanation is different, I think its because most games produced dont really try to appeal to them. Crysis, which is made by germans, cant market a game to germans because the small size of the german market. A lot of shooters are just about shooting nazis and nazi zombies. When not shooting zombies, its shooting arabs or some brown people. With soccer games and race cars they can play as their own national team and drive an european car. Imagine an fps where you played a non-american who's goal was to shoot americans. Im not sure how well that would sell in america.
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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#44
FenderMaster posted...
Maybe we're just less gullible than the US? We tend to question things more perhaps, which is why Europe is mostly secular, while middle America is still Christian and still teaches creationism in schools...

I'm not saying we're smarter, but we won't swallow any old tripe, if we don't like the offer we're given, we'll look elsewhere.

Out of curiosity, what made you not question the notion that we teach creationism in schools...or the notion that all European countries have secularized?

Unless by "middle America" you mean "Central America", in which case, I'd like to point out that some Central American countries, such as Costa Rica, have lower rates of religious attendance than European nations such as Poland and Italy. Belieze in particular has a large number of non-religious.
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User Info: Zabie_W

4 years ago#45
I'm from Spain and I love my Nintendo consoles.

When I was a kid, I remember that my older brother had NES, barely remember the console though, he also got a Mega Drive (I think you guys call it "Genesis"?) and a Game Boy and a GAME GEAR

But one day, our parents bought him a SNES and he just started to play that console non-stop. So I inherited his Genesis (Mostly played World Cup Italy 90), Gameboy (Rockman 2) and his Game Gear (Olympic Games Barcelona 92)

At some point, my brother got a thing to record SNES games on diskettes, he had hundreds of them. And he got a Neo Geo

Guess who inherited his SNES with the 200+ diskettes including games that never made it to Europe like Chrono Trigger. And even then I played SNES so much that my parents bought me a game boy color with Mario Golf, I played that game for more than 100 hours and made it to lv 100.

Time passed, my brother bought a PS1 while I asked for a N64, When he got tired of PS1, I played N64 and PS1. Same with PS2. I bought myself a Gameboy Advance, then a Nintendo DS while my brother bought himself a PSP, he got tired, thank you for buying a system that let's me play Tales of the World games and Persona 3 Portable.

I bought a Wii and later an Xbox 360, and very recently I bought myself a 3DS (My brother does not play games anymore, he has lots of problems to focus on games anyways) and If I had the money, maybe I would buy myself a Wii U, but the recesion hit like a truck here in Spain, PS4 and XB1 are going to flop hard in here, XB1 even more because Spain is more of a Sony+Nintendo country. (And because it's overpriced as f***, XB1 is 500€ = 665$ while PS4 is 400€=531$)

Lots of people have PS3 here (I bought Xbox 360 because at that time had more JRPGs, Tales of Vesperia was the deal maker, not so smart of a choice when looking at the actual market) and good luck finding a 3DS or a Fire Emblem cartdrige, those things disapear from the shelves, Fire Emblem not anymore, but now it's Animal Crossing the game that flies, although there's more stock of that game.

TL;DR Spain loves Nintendo, but Nintendo does not love us that much, we also get the worse release dates. Only recently Nintendo changed their Japan>Murica>Europe to Japan>Europe>Murica

Then again, we are the 4th least gamer country in Europe, so we don't really care in the big picture. But we still love nintendo!
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