What does the PS4/XB1 online have that the WiiU doesnt.

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User Info: gnomelord255

4 years ago#51
It has a service that requires 5$ a month out of your pocket to do the same stuff.

Worth it!

User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#52
wii u online services is even extremely pale compare to ps3/360 online services. so meh,,
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User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#53
A fee.

Though I know if Nintendo added a fee and said "look we made the internet better!" like Sony and Microsoft do that the people would mindlessly gobble that up as well.

Just like how I have HP, Alienware *insert whatever PC company even though it's more complicated then that especially if you build your own...) charging me to use online that I already pay for through my internet provider.

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User Info: LegendofLink17

4 years ago#54
_Sovereign_ posted...
The only thing I can think of is the account V system argument, which most bring up because they have cheap friends or are cheap themselves and want to share games. It's not inherently bad, as many games I got into because friends let me borrow, but most here want to set it up because they have those friends that get everything day 1 and are duped into letting others get it off them.

Then there are the legit claims, and the only legit I can think of is being stolen, as it hasn't helped me or hindered me at all last gen. My game is in my hand and I can play it wherever I need/want to. If you want to show somebody something, there's youtube.

You can't think of any other legit claims for an account system? Eshop sharing between Wii U/3DS. Getting digital games on another 3DS if you have two of them that you share. Being able to have separate friends lists on the 3ds. Making it simple to trade in a Wii U for a new one because you have an account. Being able to load your saves on another Wii U. The security of your purchases if something happens to your system. There is NO REASON for there not to be an account system, and its fans that are willing to settle for less that are the problem. Demand more from a company and they might just start to improve.
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  3. What does the PS4/XB1 online have that the WiiU doesnt.

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