Is Nintendo truly going to fall?

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User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#11
I'm not seeing degrees of any kind, nor do I see inside info on Nintendo. How could you guys possibly know this stuff?
I think of Nintendo as the Disney of video games. They're not as popular as the once were, but they have the most iconic IP's in video games so they'll always be around and make enough money to keep going.
I want to move to a nice, quaint house in the suburbs with the T-Mobile girl and make lots of babies with her.

User Info: GusMunger

4 years ago#13
Oh look, this poll poll question again
Fighter of Sony ponies and Xbox trolls

User Info: Aura_Sphere

4 years ago#14
Yes, I major in business and have been in this industry for years.
how could you do this to me. on the year of luigi

User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#15
I know nothing at all about business. Faith is what leads me in following Nintendo.
I'm not a gamer, I'm a Nintendrone. Here's proof I live to serve Nintendo:
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