For those who bought Pikmin 3... (SPOILERS)

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User Info: 7lightsXIII

4 years ago#1
How good is it? How's the ending? Are you apart of the "No Pikmin Left Behind" foundation?
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User Info: The_Boredoms

4 years ago#2
It's great, but probably the worst one. The areas are a bit too massive for their own good, the caves linking the various sections are senseless and make me feel as though all my pikmin will be killed on their way back to the onion (even though they won't), and collecting mostly fruit is a bit dull.

Dunno about the ending.

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User Info: Giygasminion

4 years ago#3
I'm not too far into it yet-- about 4 hours in single player, 3 hours in multiplayer-- but to me, it's definitely the best Pikmin yet. There's so much detail in environments, multitasking is fun, and the multiplayer is an absolute blast.
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User Info: nbean16

4 years ago#4
Haven't reached the end yet so can't speak on that, but I'd say it's the best one by a long margin. The controls are smoother (with wiimote) and little details like numbers of each pikmin and party information is very helpful. As well as the map and "go here" function which helps navigate large areas. The graphics as well as the large areas help give a sense of exploration and wonderment the others could never give. It is a very pretty game. Gives me the feel of a Pixar movie. Boss fights are fun as well. Plenty of replay and the story mode is certainly longer than some have described. I'm sure you can rush through it, but I have a ways to go to get all the fruit and have already put 14 hours in just the story mode. I do prefer larger areas instead of the caves from Pikmin 2. New pikmin types made me forget all about white and purple, I think they're way better. The game feels very polished and every little thing from the lighting, to the ships launching, to plant detail, is just very well done. Some of the small details are what impress me most. This is what Pikmin was meant to be. My favorite game of the year thus far.

A few things I don't like. I do miss gathering the treasure instead of just fruit and key items. I'd say it's not as hard as the others. Haven't had any massive pikmin losses like in the first two.
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