Wii U NOT first in sales this generation good for the industry

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User Info: Shankspeare

4 years ago#21
gnomelord255 posted...
Microsoft has never made money off it's consoles, and they are bleeding money due to it's inability to communicate it's new products properly. Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phones, the Xbox One. A month ago Microsoft posted a billion dollar loss because of the Surface's failure. Recently they changed Microsoft space points into local currency; if this was due to customer feedback, it would have happened 5 or more years ago. People stopped falling for the Live and Xbox Points scam, and changed it just in time for the launch of the Xbox One. Live Subscriptions dropped, so they entice people to get one by offering a free game every month. Why would they do this, other than because they still lose money off every unconnected Xbox 360?

Sony is at a 50% chance of bankruptcy within 2 years. I'm surprised they just aren't making audio components at this point, since it's the only thing they make money off. The PS3 caused a financial meltdown and the company's inability to keep up with the way electronics have evolved since 2006 has crippled it. Massive lay offs, horrendous losses year after year, selling off buildings and stores worldwide - the Japanese call this restructuring. Americans call it preparing for bankruptcy. The PS4 is in the same spot the Xbox One is going to be in - they hope the 100$ or more loss is covered by the PSPlus subscriptions, and from whatever ad revenue they get. Yes, the PS4 Dashboard has ads on it. They wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

Meanwhile, Nintendo rakes in money by repackaging Mario and crew in different environments and genres. One of the highest selling games of all time is MARIO AND HIS PALS IN GO-KARTS on a MUCH WEAKER SYSTEM.

So you tell me, which model has been working?

The third party raw power model, where the systems are built as PCs for publishers, who front load their sales and then can game sequels and shut down studios because expectations and budgets were too high?

Or the first party exclusivity model, where the hardware and software engineers work hand in hand?

Clearly I favor the second one more as it means longevity. I am not supporting Sony's current business model. But I think that they have shown that they will adapt in the console space for the consumer.

User Info: ZeroArchery

4 years ago#22
Think of it this way:

How many Wii games needed patching?

How many PS360 games needed patching?

This supports the other poster who talked about this "Grafix" craze is way too soon, and that power needs to stop being the centerpiece.
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