Why did you buy a Wii U or why are you waiting to buy a Wii U?

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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#31
WhiteKilla666 posted...
I'm waiting for:

1. Account system to not be so anticonsumer
2. Region locking to go away

never gonna happen
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User Info: DEKMStephens

4 years ago#32
It was going to happen anyway, figured I should just get it out of the way early
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User Info: Retrowire

4 years ago#33
I got a Wii U because...

1. My wife is amazing, and surprised me with it on Christmas.
2. I love Nintendo and she knew that I'd love this gift.
3. I love those Nintendo games.
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User Info: amonte64

4 years ago#34
It doesn't make any sense to buy a console for games that aren't out yet, that you don't know the quality or if you will even like them.

User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#35
have zero interest in anything besides MH and X, so I'd only buy one if I could get it for $100 - $150. they get 3-5 more games I'm interested in and none of them require the gamepad, then I may pay full price.
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User Info: Old_World_Order

4 years ago#36
The Vita's launch and first year were so awful that I didn't want to take a chance and be dissapointed by becoming a Wii U early adopter. Now Im just waiting for a white 32 GB model to be released in NA
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