Smash bros won't sell many Wii U systems

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User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#81
NSMBU sold quite a bit but wiiu is still pretty low sales and has not driven the console sales lately as wii u sold abysmally last half year even though the wii version sold 30 mill units. Smash sold what like 11 million so it doesn't have as much star power as new mario series, so why are people betting on 1 game.

Even if Smash and kart move some units it'll still be relatively low if that's all there is. Nintendo needs a gaming library not one game. The biggest strength of nintendo games is they sell throughout the consoles life time, so nintendo needs to build the quality library first to get various people in then those people will buy more karts, smash and NSMBU.

3DS has lots of third party and even exclusives like icarus and luigi mansion and mario RPG and fire emblem, pokemon plus they got games like monster hunter and NSMB2, 3D land, plus getting smash which are similar experiences to wiiu and first of simultaneous released. If they build that kinda quality library for wii u maybe it'll sell well. but seems like 3ds is where the attention is focused. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: gohoanq

4 years ago#82
TC, system sellers aren't literally the only reason people buy a console for.. at least usually. The system sellers are like a gateway into it... you buy it because "Hey a game I really want!" and "Hey.. more games I'd like to own.. sure I'll buy it now". :/ I believe that games like Smash Bros will sell a nice amount of Wii U's.
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User Info: fusionsamurai

4 years ago#83
ColdReticence posted...
fusionsamurai posted...
Because Wii u is a console does not dictate superior online.

That's true, but it does dictate that it will have superior local multiplayer, and as big as online seems to be in today's market, local multiplayer is still a huge part of Smash. It's easier to get a group of people to play a console game and pass around controllers than it is to gather people who each own a 3DS and a copy of the game. (I don't know how or if Tourney or Rotation modes would even work in the 3DS version, but I imagine it'd be a hassle, comparatively speaking).

You don't need everyone to have smash. Download play is forgotten to often.
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