Nintendo and third parties

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User Info: Sniperdog117

4 years ago#1
To those who cite a lack of third parties' as a major reason for Nintendo's failures... name a third party game for the Wii that mattered. As in really moved units. Heck, try to find one on the DS, GBA, or GameCube. There are some that were pretty big, but look at the year they were out. Look at what the install base was when these games were released.

A quick example- some of you who actually understand that a small hit such as No More Heroes merely aids a system, but does not push it, might say "well, what about Just Dance. That sold a lot on the Wii." Yes. In 2009. When Nintendo already created the install base.

Nintendo does ALL the heavy lifting for their systems. Name a five million+ seller that wasn't made by Nintendo that was in the early years of a system's life cycle. The NES's five million sellers were all Nintendo. SNES had Street Fighter II, which was an early life cycle game, coming out in 1992. But that's all. None on the N64, GB/GBC, GC, or GBA. The only ones are on the SNES(one), Wii (four), and DS had Cooking Mama.

Now, some of you might think 5 million is a pretty high number. Few games do that. The games that do that are major hardware movers. The games Nintendo makes. It's always been that way. Yes, I'm sure some of you had third party games you've enjoyed, but face it- they probably weren't a break through system seller. They were probably a piece of software riding on the foundation Nintendo build. Do their games add on? Of course. Software sells hardware. But a game such as The World Ends with You isn't going make the DS the besting selling system of all time. New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs, Brain Age, and Pokémon build the install base, not third parties, they just add to it once Nintendo gets things going.

tl'dr- Stop saying Nintendo needs third party support right now, once they get things going, the third parties that care will make games for the system more often.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#2
The thing is Nintendo doesn't need third parties and third parties don't need Nintendo.

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#3
Sniperdog117 posted...

Nintendo does ALL the heavy lifting for their systems. Name a five million+ seller that wasn't made by Nintendo that was in the early years of a system's life cycle.

Lego Star Wars for Wii. Sold just over 5 million.


Also, Guitar Hero III came close, with 4.5 million.
You can't spell slaughter without laughter!

User Info: Relias27

4 years ago#4
Completely wrong.. no one wants to buy a system that does not at least try to have the franchises they have heard about.. outside of exclusives.. a lot of people put off buying a Nintendo system just cause they want these games first and foremost.. and Nintendo classics later... after all if you get a PS4.. you get awesome exclusives from Sony.. plus all the third party games you could want.. The problem with Nintendo.. is they try to be different.. they make other companies.. have to at least look at what they are offering.. (Motion Controls etc.) Companies don't like this.. and pull out the old Nintendo Sucks excuse.. because it requires more effort and time.. they never have liked this.. once you get past a CPU.. (That seems to be their main concern because they do most of the language on the CPU) they don't want to take another look at all the options.. or use them.. they don't want to take the time to do it.. companies have constantly done nothing but complain about anything that get's thrown at them that is new.. past CPU and GPU.. the fact that they have to make a code with the Wii U that forces them on the hardware front in order to take full advantage of the system that needs to do computing on both CPU and GPU.. of course companies don't want to do that.. as thus Nintendo Sucks.. anything to avoid making games on a Nintendo System...

User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#5
Atlus greatly established the 3DS as the heart of JRPGs this gen.
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