My Wii U seems to freeze a lot.

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User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#1
Ever since launch it has locked up a few dozen times. Anybody else get a lot of freezing issues?

Is there anything that could be causing this?

User Info: wugeezy

4 years ago#2
I've had this happen a few times. Its so far the most issue I've ever had with a nintendo console in terms of technical issues. Its done it maybe five times since I've owned it. Once during gameplay and the rest when trying to switch from the os to a game and vice versa. If its an os stability issue I hope they fix it with an update.

User Info: Mobius1Rising

4 years ago#3
try owning a ps3 whlle using it's internet browser.
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User Info: Fimble_the_mage

4 years ago#4
I've had this issue as well. Unplugging and plugging the system back in seems to fix it.

I've heard some people fixed freezes by ejecting and reinserting a disc but that hasn't worked for me.
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User Info: Thaxagoodname

4 years ago#5
What game are you playing TC? Before the update, mine used to freeze a lot when playing SASRT online. Everything else never froze. It could just be the game you are playing

User Info: Darrentg

4 years ago#6
Ever since the last few firmware updates mine stopped freezing, it was mostly with Nintendo Land right around launch that it happened, just a few times.

But then a few weeks back it froze again in the same way(obnoxious sound, had to unplug it) on Tank Tank Tank.

Kinda wondering if a few launch games might forever be plagued by this issue...... ?

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 years ago#7
Mobius1Rising posted...
try owning a ps3 whlle using it's internet browser.

HAHHAHA I called Sony up about the internet browser before, complaining about it freezing. I was a new owner so wasn't sure if that was normal. The sony customer service person told me just don't use it.
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User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#8
I personally havent had any issues with freezing, but idcall up customer suppor. course it may be a issue of overheating, try keeping it in a more open area and keep the vents clear.
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User Info: oldhbk76

4 years ago#9
make sure you got all the updates
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User Info: EastCoastKody

4 years ago#10
mine froze several times before the first update. Since then .....i had none till recently, when I got Hulu Plus.

Now its frozen on me twice after a Hulu Plus video ended
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