Would anyone mind a Super Mario World HD?

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User Info: Eordaz9634

4 years ago#11
I wouldnt mind. I'm down.

User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

4 years ago#12
Yeah, I'd be down for it. I love NSMBU and NSLU, but a hand-drawn approach to World seems equally as good.
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User Info: Jacob46719

4 years ago#13
New Super Mario World
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User Info: amonte64

4 years ago#14
Rival_Blue_1999 posted...
SlimeSwayze posted...
I don't see the point, but I guess I wouldn't care one way or the other. I can go at least 5 years without seeing another 2D Mario platformer, though, whether it is a new game or a remake. I think WayForward could spend their time doing something more worthwhile.

NSMB kinda killed the 2D Mario for me. At the moment mind you.

Completely agree. I want to try out NSMBU though, for some reason it attracts me. But I definitely didn't like the DS or Wii games.

User Info: Bass_X0

4 years ago#15
I'd rather see Super Mario Land remade with the graphics of New Super Mario Bros. U and released on eShop.

Would play identical to the original GB game - only the graphics and music are changed.
"History always favors the victor at the expense of the truth." ~ Rook

User Info: TheIastspartan

4 years ago#16
HD remakes are a plaque to gaming. Super Mario World 3 would be much better.

User Info: segagamer

4 years ago#17
wugeezy posted...
Absolutely. Although I personally would prefer one of Mario 3.

When stuff is redrawn it can look amazing in hd. I really liked how Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD looked. And Ducktales also looks awesome.

SSF2T had great graphics, but the animation was still limited.

Ducktales has nice 2D sprites, but why are the backgrounds in 3D?

User Info: Bass_X0

4 years ago#18
The animation of SSFIITHD was the same as in the original arcade to keep the gameplay the same. You can even have original sprites as an option.

I would like a sequel to SSFITHD with more characters, moves, backgrounds and animation. It would change the gameplay of the original as a proper sequel should.
"History always favors the victor at the expense of the truth." ~ Rook

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#19
*It has been done before

bet on it.
Here's hoping that Chrom will do Aether correctly in SSB4...
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