Rayman Legends demo?

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User Info: FullMetalPanic

4 years ago#1
I believe I've seen people talking about a demo for this game a while ago, however I can't find it on WiiU eShop under demo? Where is it?
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User Info: Stink_Ape

4 years ago#2
just search for Rayman
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User Info: Thunderbird8

4 years ago#3
Demo versions are linked from the games themselves, there is no separate entry in the eShop for them. However, I think the Rayman Legends demo may have been taken down, as I don't remember seeing it around last time I checked the list...it'd be pointless anyway, as the Challenges App has the demo's levels in it and no launch limit.

User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#4
Are you talking about the Challenges App? It has what looks like a demo for the game, with three levels, as well as all the challenges.
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User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#5
I think the Challenges App replaced the demo on the eShop. It has the same levels anyway without a play restriction, so grab that.
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