Wii U Virtual Console Question

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User Info: pikachu848

4 years ago#11
shanafan posted...
I still have my Wii thankfully.

But question though, transferring licenses.. being a SD card, wouldn't the game still be on it? Are there measures in the Wii to prevent the playback? I guess the file is altered by the Wii U once it is transferred.

The game file on your SD card has you old Wii's ID code in the game data. (so only they Wii that made that file can read that file). There is a lock so no other Wii can read it. If you want to play it on your Wii U you have to do the transfer.
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User Info: shanafan

4 years ago#12
Oh, that makes sense.. just a transfer of license
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User Info: Companion_Cube_

4 years ago#13
STN79 posted...
Nope you've gotta transfer all your VC games to the Wii U. Simply playing them off the SD card won't work. Btw this means once transferred you can never use them on the original system anymore. I chose not to transfer mine because i'd like to keep them on my original Wii. Plus over the course of the original Wii's lifespan i downloaded well over 300 games. I'm not sitting around waiting to transfer all that.

This. I also decided not to transfer because I like playing Ocarina, smash, and Mario 64 with the GCN controller.
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