Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Super Mario World

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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#11
VenomSymbiote posted...
Where's the Yoshi's Island option??

What part of "this or that" do you not understand.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#12
World is better. Stages are more complex and more varied. And the world map is superb. There's a ton of different paths through the game and secret exits.
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User Info: startme_up

4 years ago#13
I prefer World in virtually every way except for power-ups. Bros. 3 was phenomenal with its huge variety of power-ups.

That being said, World does not edge out 3 by a lot; they're both masterpieces.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#14

Let's just take out Mario 3 for a second, because I just want to compare World with the New Line
Super Mario World is still the best 2d Mario Game. In Mario World, everywhere were secret locations, finding the keyholes and bringing the keys to the keyholes were a real challenge. You could actually take Yoshi and bring him to different locations. You could actually raise your own yoshi and use the same yoshi throughout the entire game. Yoshi was simply utilized better. In the new titles, Yoshi was a stage specific power up, instead of a companion. Baby Yoshis don't grow up to become Yoshis with abilities. The level Structure is better. The cape is better. And the Koopalings have a greater variety in their boss battles.

So, that were my 2 cents in the form of a wall of text

User Info: Lousy_Fellow

4 years ago#15
Both are awesome, but I vote for World because it was the first one I played.

3 has an amazing amount of power ups, but I have hoarder mentality and always ended up with a full stock of stuff in world 8... not that most of those things were extremely vital for any stage, aside from infinite flight. That was great.

I like how World dropped the item collection, but just 4 powerups is trimming stuff way too much.
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User Info: Mikey4914

4 years ago#16
Both are very good Super Mario games but I have to pick World because of nostalgia.
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User Info: shroom_ninja_X

4 years ago#17
I still contend that Bros 3 (and Yoshi's Island) are both better than SMW.

Bros 3 had a lot more going on in terms of level variety-- every world felt like a totally new locale, whether you were headed to the desert, the ocean, an ice plain, or the island where everything was huge. Even the specific stages had their own unique quirks to offer-- that one stage in world 2 with the angry sun, the two levels where Boss Bass (the giant fish) tries to chase you down, the labyrinthine cave level in World 6 that you have find a way to fly out of, the muncher field in world 7 (where you have to keep gettng stars as you make a mad dash for the exit), or the airship armada in world 8...

Bros 3 did a better job with it's powerups. You had the tanuki/frog/hammer bros suits, the shoe, and the various items you could use on the map. There was way more variety, and all of these items had their uses, whether you were swimming to otherwise unreachable areas with the frog suit, melting ice with the fireflower, or flying to secret areas.

I also contend that Bros 3 did a better job even with the map in some ways. While SMW's multiple hidden exits (which 3 had a few of, believe it or not) were cool, Bros 3 trumps it with minigames and minibosses galore, not to mention there were tons of incredibly well hidden secret goodies to find such as White Toad Houses, Coin Ships, etc. Being able to screw your friend over at the 2-player mario bros. minigame is also hilarious.

One of the biggest issues for me is the area of challenge. The cape is so abundant and so overpowered that it pretty much makes the difficulty a joke. You can pretty much cape your way over a good two-thirds of the game. Same thing goes for Blue Yoshi. SMW could have been better than 3 IMO if they had introduced some more powerups and added an actually balanced flight powerup. The cape should have been SMW's "hammer bros suit"-- the ultimate powerup that only shows up near the end of the game to compensate for it's uberness.

(I will concede that SMW had better boss battles, though. The castles, ghost houses, and the special world were easily the best parts of SMW IMO.)

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User Info: justcause2w

4 years ago#18
world is the worst mario 2d mario game I have played. I just couldn't enjoy it. 3 is far superior.

User Info: LemonKweenstaaa

4 years ago#19
Definitely SMB3.

I liked World, but everything after Vanilla Dome felt rushed.
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User Info: shroom_ninja_X

4 years ago#20
The other thing that bugs me about the cape was how easily it killed everything. Sumo Bros, Chargin' Chuck, Dry Bones, and Bony Beetle should have been among the game's toughest enemies, but the cape makes them all into total jokes.

They should have buffed up the fire flower and given us more reasons to want to use it. It's sad how underpowered it was in that game.
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