Would you like to see Nintendo....

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User Info: Nin3DSFan

3 years ago#11
But we're greedy, and want more.

Speaking of which... whatever happened to Stanley the Bugman?

As for franchises in general... I'm going to go as obscure or as rare and old as I can think of.

Perhaps, Sheriff? Or Space Fever 3?
Space Fever was a 1970s game, and Space Fever II was part of the Game Boy Camera.

What about a game which was originally released in 1976, that is Duck Hunt? What's the most recent game in that franchise? Oh wait, Duck Hunt... as in the NES version from 1984.

What about Clu Clu Land?
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User Info: betterboulder

3 years ago#12
More than happy to purchase the Wii U as my Smash Bros. Box
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User Info: Chokusetsu

3 years ago#13
Yes but only if they really don't do anything with them that could be done with Mario, Samus, Link or Donkey Kong.
De arimasu

User Info: MCcake

3 years ago#14
I want Metroid and Starfox. We've had enough Mario and Zelda for this generation :l
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User Info: ChipChipperson

3 years ago#15
Wave Race, I could only imagine how epic the water physics would be.
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