Lack of Trophy system on Wii U gives little incentive to finish Nintendo games

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User Info: notjustin

4 years ago#91
you need incentives to play video games... think your in the wrong place

User Info: mcsmellington

4 years ago#92
Personally, I'd rather get an achievement for finishing a game than a new costume or some concept art. Achievements feed into my overall profile, which I can compare with friends or shows people the sort of games I like and how well I do at them.

I'm not likely to go through a game more than once, unless it's fantastic, and even then it won't be for at least a year or two after completion. A new costume is of next to no use to me. And I've no interest in viewing concept art and the like while on my console.
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User Info: greywolf00

4 years ago#93
I will never understand why pointless achievements/trophies make or break games for some people.

The incentive to beat a game should come from the game being good. If it's fun, well written, and designed, why wouldn't you finish it?

Supporting bad games because of "flair" seems like a total waste of time to me. But, to each their own.

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#94
Achivment and trophies are 1 of the things that spoil todays gamers back in my days we did not need for a game to aknowledge our times spent in tem, completing the story and find everything in the game was enough, i fear for the new generation of gamers
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User Info: Mattrules64

4 years ago#95
A trophy/achievement system is not needed to finish a game they don't count as part of a game's completion percentage they are just pointless in my opinion the lack of them giving little incentive to finish a game is BS back in my day I didn't need silly achievements to 100% games like Kirby Super Star, Sonic the Hedgehog or The Legend of Zelda

This new generation of gamers annoy me sometimes

User Info: Shankspeare

4 years ago#96
Vyers posted...
Trophies are an evolution of high scores. You're basically saying that arcade players weren't real gamers for caring about getting the high score.

That's a stretch. He was pretty specific about trophies and not leaderboards which many games have still. And like many have pointed out it is a very hand holding when the evolution of the leaderboard gives you an achievement for going (figuratively in a sequential sense) to the next level in damn near every game.

User Info: Mattrules64

4 years ago#97
I would like to quickly elaborate on my post I don't hate achievements I honestly don't mind them but they to me SHOULD NOT a incentive to FINISH a game if you don't want to beat or 100% a game because it has no achievements then I'm sorry but you should pick a different hobby

Also I feel that a lot games make their achievements too easy for example in one playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and 3 I managed to get over half of the achievements without even trying and Sonic the Fighters and Sonic 3's were extremely easy so much so I went and got all of them minimal effort a lot of them to me don't feel like an achievement Tales of Vesperia's are nice and difficult I only got about 7 in one playthrough

User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#98
We've had a "trophy" system in video games since the days of the arcade. It was called the High Score. Then they added the ability to input your initials. They were bragging rights to all that could see them. Proof that you came, conquered and kicked some ass.

Today's trophy system is a bit different. It's used most times to try to create replay value. Most of them are for grinding away at some mundane task. some are fun to get. Some are actually for a great and usually grueling accomplishment like in Dead Space 2/3. But love them or hate them, they aren't going away now. You can either take part in the program or just get the ones that you just by playing a straight forward game.

If Nintendo put a trophy type of system into use people would use it.Why? Because it will be there and it will allow them another way to show off to the world their gaming accomplishments. Not everyone would like it but it would get used just like on the other systems.
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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#99
You guys do know that the Wii U does have achievements, though, right? Nintendo just doesn't shove them down your or the devs throats like Sony and Microsoft do. So if you want them, they're there. But they aren't anywhere near that important.
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#100
SignusZeriel posted...
Must be 12 years old.

I remember finishing every game I used to have. And that was LONG before trophies were just handed out as long as you were breathing.

Because he wants trophies he is a 12 yearsold? I'm 25 and always pick the version of a game that has acheivements/trophies. Some people have fun finishing a game, and some find fin in showing off their performence by having lots of trophies/gamerpoints. Some people, like myself enjoy both.

I always considered trophies and acheivements to be collectibles in a game.

That being said. I still enjoy the few wiiu games I have, even without trophies.
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